Delivery Cycle

Q: How many days does it take to produce the vehicle?

A: From the date of signing the contract, it takes about 40 working days for the whole vehicle to enter the warehouse.

Q: How long does it take to ship the vehicle to a port in China?

A: After the customer has settled all the payment, both sides will confirm the shipment date, and we will ship the truck to the Chinese port in about 7 working days.

Q: How long will it take to receive the truck after customs declaration?

A:. CIF trade, delivery time reference:
To African countries, the shipping time to the port is about 2 ~ 3 months.
To Southeast Asian countries, the shipping time to the port is about 10 ~ 30.
To Central Asian countries, land transport to the port time of about 15 to 30 months.
To South American countries, the shipping time to the port is about 2 ~ 3 months.

Mode of Transport

Q: What are the modes of delivery of SHACMAN TRUCKS?

A: Generally there are two ways of sea transport and land transport, different countries or regions, choose different modes of transport.

Q: Which areas are shipped by SHACMAN TRUCKS?

A: Generally sent to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and other areas by sea. SHACMAN TRUCKS have the advantage of low cost due to their large volume and large batch of transport, so it is an economical and practical mode of transport to choose sea transport.

Q: What are the delivery methods of SHACMAN TRUCKS?

A: There are three delivery methods for SHACMAN TRUCKS.
The first: Telex release
The bill of lading information is sent to the shipping company of the port of destination by electronic message or electronic message, and the consignee can replace the bill of lading with the telex release copy stamped with the telex release seal and the telex release guarantee letter.
Note: The consignee needs to settle the full payment of the truck and sea freight and other all costs, not all countries can do telex release, like Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and some countries in Africa can not do telex release.
Second: OCEAN BILL (B/L)
The Shipper will get the original bill of lading from the forwarder and scan it to CNEE. Then CNEE will arrange the payment and the Shipper will send the whole set of bills of lading
Mail to CENN, CENN with the original B/L for B/L pick up the goods. This is one of the most used shipping methods.
Third: SWB (Sea Waybill)
CNEE can pick up the goods directly, SWB does not need the original.
Note: A privilege reserved for companies that require long-term cooperation.

Q: Which shipping countries have long-term cooperation with your company?

A: We have cooperation with shipping customers in more than 50 countries in the world, namely Zimbabwe, Benin, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Cote d 'Ivoire, Congo, Philippines, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Solomon, Algeria, Indonesia, Central African Republic, Peru.......

Q: We belong to Central Asia, is the transportation price more advantageous?

A: Yes, the price is more advantageous.
SHACMAN truck transportation, which belongs to the transportation of heavy equipment, has the obvious advantage of low cost by land transportation. In Central Asia, we use drivers for long-distance transportation and transit through other countries, such as Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, North Korea, etc., using land transportation is cheaper, and land transportation can deliver SHACMAN trucks to the destination faster to meet the needs of customers in a hurry.