Quality Inspection

The company has strict standards and measures for the quality control of Shaanxi automobile trucks

First of all, we attach great importance to the quality management of parts, strictly control the supplier's permission to go to the standard, and the selection of each kind of parts has been screened and verified in multiple links such as selection, selection, and access. At the same time, the company continues to improve the inspection standards of parts, formulate the technical requirements for galvanized coating of purchased parts, optimize more than 400 drawings of purchased parts, and ensure the institutionalization and standardization of inspection of installed parts.

Secondly, Shaanxi Automobile also attaches great importance to the quality control in the production process. For blanking, welding, painting and assembly inspection and other production links, a comprehensive inspection process has been established, and the whole process of production quality is controlled layer by layer through RT inspection, penetration inspection, air tightness inspection, water pressure test, functional test and other ways to ensure product quality standards.

The testing content of SHACMAN TRUCK after rolling off the assembly line includes the following aspects

Exterior inspection

including whether the body has obvious scratches, dents or paint problems.

Interior inspection

Check whether the car seats, instrument panels, doors and Windows are intact and whether there is an odor.

Vehicle chassis inspection

check whether the chassis part has deformation, fracture, corrosion and other phenomena, whether there is oil leakage.

Engine check

Check the operation of the engine, including starting, idling, acceleration performance is normal.

Transmission system inspection

Check the transmission, clutch, drive shaft and other transmission components are operating normally, whether there is a noise.

Brake system inspection

Check whether the brake pads, brake discs, brake oil, etc., are worn, corroded or leaked.

Lighting system inspection

check whether the headlights, rear taillights, brakes, etc., and turn signals of the vehicle are bright enough and work normally.

Electrical system inspection

check the battery quality of the vehicle, whether the circuit connection is normal, and whether the instrument panel of the vehicle is displayed normally.

Tire inspection

Check the tire pressure, tread wear, whether there are cracks, damage and so on.

Suspension system inspection

check whether the shock absorber and suspension spring of the vehicle suspension system are normal and whether there is abnormal loosening.

The following are common testing items after the SHACMAN TRUCK comes off the assembly line to ensure that the quality and full performance of the vehicle meets the standard.

Quality Inspection

The specific inspection items can also be adjusted according to different models and requirements.

In addition to SHACMAN TRUCK's offline inspection, after SHACMAN TRUCK arrives in Hong Kong, the customer's local service station will also carry out an item-by-item inspection of the vehicle according to the vehicle PDI items and precautions, and timely deal with the problems found to ensure the integrity of the vehicle delivery to the customer.

After the vehicle is delivered to the customer, it needs to be signed and confirmed by the customer, the dealer, the service station, and the person in charge of the local SHACMAN office, and reported to the SHACMAN online DMS system, and the import and export company service department can be reviewed before delivery.

In addition to proven quality inspection services, SHACMAN offers a full range of after-sales services. Including after-sales technical support, field service and professional cooperation and the provision of staff services. The details are as follows:

After-sales service technical support

Shaanxi Automobile truck provides after-sales technical support, including telephone consultation, remote guidance, etc., to answer customers' problems encountered in the process of vehicle use and maintenance.

Field service and professional cooperation

For customers who purchase vehicles in bulk, Shaanxi Automobile can provide field service and professional cooperation to ensure that customers' needs are solved in a timely manner during use. This includes on-site commissioning, overhaul, maintenance and other operations of technicians to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle.

Provide staff services

Shaanxi Automobile trucks can provide professional staff services according to customer needs. These staff can assist customers with vehicle management, maintenance, driving training and other work, providing a full range of support.

Through the above services, SHACMAN is committed to providing customers with high-quality after-sales service to ensure that customers' vehicles can run stably for a long time to meet their needs.

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