17L 840 horsepower, the highest horsepower of SHACMAN

In the high-horsepower heavy-duty truck market, SHACMAN has always been a “vanguard”. In 2022, SHACMAN diesel high-horsepower series of high-end products were released, leading the industry’s 600+ high-horsepower heavy-duty truck vane. The 660-horsepower X6000 once sat firmly The top spot among domestic heavy-duty high-horsepower tractors, and now with 840 horsepower, it has once again refreshed the list of domestic heavy-duty trucks.


The power chain is definitely the biggest highlight of this X6000 flagship version. This car is equipped with a Weichai 17-liter 840 horsepower engine with a peak torque of 3750 N/m. The specific model is WP17H840E68, which is also the one with the highest horsepower among domestic heavy trucks. It’s a new car and it can be called a “violent machine”.
SHACMAN X6000 Select the most appropriate gear according to different working conditions to help drivers reduce incorrect vehicle use, improve transportation efficiency, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
SHACMAN X6000 AMT gearbox adopts a pocket gear design, which frees up space in the cab to a greater extent. The driver can complete manual/automatic switching, increase and decrease gears, etc. without leaving the steering wheel, and it has optional E/P Economic power mode can cope with different transportation needs.


Through independent innovation in core technology, the X6000 high-horsepower new product has obvious advantages, effectively supporting product development, market matching and sales promotion, forming a product advantage that “what others don’t have, I have, and what others have, I have the best”.

Post time: Feb-21-2024