Five dump trucks and one sprinkler are sold to Comoros

Two teams of engineering vehicle buyers came from an island country in the Indian Ocean, known as the land of the Moon and the land of spices. They searched for Era truck SHACMAN through Google. We communicated with each other by phone in the early stage, and then communicated with each other on Whatsapp in detail about vehicle configuration and operating conditions. Era truck invited them to the SHACMAN plant and to the company to discuss and visit, 3 about 12 days, a group of caravans from the moon country of Comoros arrived.
They are the Comoros engineering construction company buyer Modo and his party.
Kirk and his crew are technical consultants for the Comoros Engineering Construction Company.
Modo is a middle-aged man in his 40s, his dark and healthy skin seems to tell us that he has a good habit of fitness in daily life, and he is constantly exposed to the birds’ chirps, flowers and ultraviolet sunlight, and his face has mottled fine lines and humorous expressions. Modo is the most artistic and unique African among my clients. He was worried that he had a strong pronunciation of local English, which sounded laborious to us, so he wrote the required car configuration on paper with a pen while speaking, so as to confirm and check with us.
About SHACMAN dump truck, F3000 series products are famous overseas, Modo needs 5 sets of dump truck, the purpose is to pull soil on the engineering bridge, pull sand and stone, etc., the road condition of the project area is not very good, so we help him choose a cost-effective configuration, especially the choice of steel bumper, in the road condition is bumpy, especially in the case of large dirt roads, Steel plate bumper can effectively protect the bottom of the engine, because when we are driving some bumpy road will wear the bottom of the car, if the road condition is very bad and may hurt the engine, so it is necessary to add a truck bottom plate. Modo was very satisfied with our selection and placed another order for the sprinkler.
Kirk and his crew were pleasantly surprised by the order for the sprinkler. Kirk is a professional engineer with more than 30 years of technical experience overseas, and Kirk, now in his 50s, saw something different in the configuration of our sprinklers. Since most of the orders are exported by sea, the sea water is humid, the sun is exposed, and the sprinkler has untreated water such as the well water, so the inside and outside of the sprinkler tank need to be treated with multiple layers of anti-corrosion treatment, but the manufacturers that cooperated with Kirk did not do this before, and the Era truck company did not consider the real needs of customers because of cost reduction. Not only did we do electrophoretic anti-corrosion treatment on the sprinkler process, pumping in and out, spraying front and back with anti-aircraft guns also met Kirk’s needs, and the pearl-white tank also made Kirk’s eyes shine. This is the sprinkler they really need.
Finally, in our pleasant chat and communication, we signed the contract with each other.
When Kirk paid for the car, he regretted not ordering an extra tanker, which would have shortened the production cycle and enabled him to use it sooner for the project.

Post time: Apr-08-2024