M3000S Pure electric mixing truck

As the “adhesive” in the building, its supply not only determines the schedule, but also closely linked to the quality of the project. It can be said that without concrete, infrastructure can not be started. So, in the hot season of infrastructure construction, how to provide concrete to the major construction sites on time, with good quality and with good quantity?
In this regard, Shaanxi Automobile responded to the actual operation scene of engineering transport vehicles, and actively responded to the call of national energy conservation and environmental protection, and developed the Delong M3000S pure electric mixing vehicle.4 great value presentation provides satisfactory solutions for infrastructure, and also creates wealth opportunities for card friends.
1 Battery safety is guaranteed, reliable, solid and steady money
Since its advent, the safety of new energy vehicles has been widely questioned. However, excellent battery quality, advanced battery technology, and after a thoroughly tempered safety test, can overcome this problem to a large extent, so that new energy vehicles in environmental protection and energy saving at the same time, have comparable to the performance of traditional oil vehicles.
M3000S Equipped with high-energy lithium iron phosphate battery
Material thermal stability reaches 800℃
Compared with three lithium battery, safety performance is superior
The battery system is tested for seawater immersion, external fire and shock
Experienced, safe and reliable
The battery is is of metal cover
It can block the flying stone, soil and rainwater, and effectively protect the power battery, wiring harness and pipeline
2 Luxury and comfortable enjoy driving fun, intelligent and convenient and more flexible
Engaged in the transportation industry, it is common to work for long hours, and the mixer truck often work at night. Therefore, a comfortable and beautiful driving environment can not only effectively reduce the fatigue of the driver’s work, but also provide emotional value for the driver, and the driver to enjoy the busy and compact operation.
Wide driving space, luxurious atmosphere interior collocation
Greatly improve the driving comfort, both beautiful and practical
Standard with a 4-gear AMT automatic transmission
Control is simple and flexible, smooth shift
Multi-function steering wheel, square-position image
Improve the driving experience, clear the tank blind area, increase safety
3 Power surging momentum fierce, super long endurance of the whole run
The main application condition of the mixer is to transport concrete to the construction site. Our country’s infrastructure construction period is tight and the task is heavy. Therefore, the concrete also presents the characteristics of short transportation distance, high transportation frequency and strong transportation timeliness.
M3000S Power train efficient area accurate matching accounted for more than 85%Fast start, strong momentum, fast climbing, vehicle transportation efficiency greatly improved
High braking energy recovery efficiency, and the driving range is greatly improved Let every kilowatt hour of electricity can use, the whole high energy to the destination
4 after-sales convenient response is fast, intimate service line carefree
It is the responsibility and commitment of Shaanxi Automobile to provide considerate service for the whole operation road of customers. Shaanxi Auto is committed to quickly, transparent and standardized help card friends to solve the problems in the process of car repair and maintenance, to create a real worry-free service, to help you operate all the way smooth.
Shaanxi Auto’s new energy models have unified after-sales diagnosis tools, providing efficient, fast, intelligent and safe maintenance services in the whole life cycle. Since then, there are no problem in operation and maintenance, and we strive to make a lot of money and pave the way for operation for customers.

Post time: Apr-29-2024