SHACMAN L3000 4×2 truck, No matter how far the road, there will be warmth accompanied

Adhering to the user-centered concept
SHACMAN cast brand with quality and won the market
Excellent product performance
More comfortable and comfortable driving experience
SHACMAN L3000 4×2 truck
Integrate ergonomics
Continuously optimize and improve the driving quality
Bring car-like comfortable experience to card friends

Spatial layout
SHACMAN L3000 4×2 truck cab adopts flat floor, passageway design, internal width 2.15 meters, internal height 1.67 meters, spacious space, indoor can walk easily. 660mm ultra-wide sleeper, at the same time, the standard all-round surround curtain, LED reading light, to provide you with plenty of space and comfortable environment when you rest.

Textured interior
The interior of the L3000 model is simple and luxurious, and the brushed metal interior board and the carbon fiber interior board have been widely used on the L3000. The vehicle adopts a large video screen with reversing image display function; Cab glass with double-layer sealing tape, sound insulation effect is good, so that you have unlimited fun.

Function configuration
The four-panel leather steering wheel can be adjusted in four directions. Comparable to the car, the instrument bench warping switch adopts the keyboard layout, the central control door lock and all the switches and gears are within reach, and the operation is convenient. At the same time, the car is also standard with electric heating rearview mirror, which is convenient to adjust the Angle, making the rear view more clear.

Pleasure ride
The seat of this model adopts air bag seat, and the third seat is standard, with height adjustment and automatic charging and discharging function, which not only improves the driving comfort, but also can meet the needs of drivers of different heights. The transmission control mechanism adopts the flexible shaft structure, which makes the shift smooth, the shift suction feeling strong, and the shift comfort performance of the car.

Excellent vibration filtering
L3000 cab suspension adopts the structure of “longitudinal shock absorber + lateral stabilizer”, 1.7m front plate spring suspension system, and matches the enhanced drive shaft, three-stage structure design, withstand torque up to 13000N·m, minimize the impact of the dynamic balance of the drive shaft on the vehicle vibration, so that the cab shock absorption performance is better, more comfortable driving.

Post time: Mar-11-2024