SHACMAN winter warm tips – winter vehicle operation guidance

In the depth of winter, especially “freezing” people
However, again cold weather
Can not resist our truck friends want to make money eager heart
So, what are the precautions for driving in extremely cold weather?

First, the start of cold truck precautions
1.after the cold truck starts to fully heat the engine, it is generally recommended that the idle heat engine time is about 15 minutes.
2.the heat engine process to avoid stepping on the accelerator pedal, the water temperature rises to more than 60 ° C before normal operation.


Second, vehicle operation precautions
1. It is not recommended that the vehicle stop and idle for a long time during use.
2.if the use of vehicles in high-cold areas (below -15 ° C), it is recommended to install independent heating devices. In particular, it is necessary to avoid using warm wind for a long time to stop idle.
3.the vehicle running in the cold area should be in front of the intercooler to increase the heat preservation device (such as heat preservation blanket) to reduce the cooling of the radiator and intercooler when the vehicle is facing the wind.


Third, night parking precautions
1. After stopping, turn off the warm air first, and then idle the engine for 3 to 5 minutes.
2. Please use the following methods to stop the engine: manually close the gas cylinder valve to make the engine naturally stall.
3. After the engine is turned off, empty the starter twice.
4. Avoid parking the vehicle on the ramp with the front facing downhill.


Fourth, common troubleshooting measures
In the high cold area, if the above measures are not implemented in place, it may cause difficulties in starting, weak acceleration, throttle valve plate stuck, EGR valve stuck and other faults. If the above problems occur in the vehicle, the treatment measures are as follows:
1.If the spark plug freezes, resulting in short circuit, resulting in failure to ignite, you can remove the spark plug blow dry treatment.
2.If the EGR valve is frozen, it will not affect the start of the vehicle, and it will naturally open after 5 to 10 minutes of driving, and then the key can be restored to normal operation after a power loss.
3.If the throttle is frozen, you can pour hot water on the throttle body for 1 to 2 minutes, and then power on the key. If you hear a “click” sound at the throttle, it indicates that the throttle ice has been opened.
4.If the icing is serious and the engine cannot start, the throttle and EGR valve can be removed and dried.


Finally, a word of caution
If the weather is too bad, do not force out of the truck.
Money is good, but safety first!

Post time: Feb-19-2024