SHACMAN X3000 true confession

Heavy truck, born to be together with friends
SHACMAN deeply understand
Only by constantly making themselves more excellent
can we deserve the favor of friends

SHACMAN X3000 6×4 huge benefit version tractor Internal and external repair, self-cultivation only to live up to the love of CARDS
Activate your senses, all-round:
Color appearance, reflecting the new chrome decoration, windshield glass in front of the big curved, mainland well-known brand dashboard (with shift and ECO mode prompt function), car-style central door lock, large storage space, Grammer seat, better driving experience.Standard daytime running lights, safer driving in bad weather.


Into the fighter cabin design concept, digital cold light LCD instrument panel, a variety of intelligent buttons within reach, interior car-style atmosphere, the application of new environmental protection exquisite materials, industry excellent sealing system, driver ear noise than competitive products 14dB lower;Body large cross-section skeleton structure, through the EU ECE-R29 latest collision regulations, from inside to outside for you to do all-round protection.
Follow your rhythm, on call:


For different market segments equipped with Weichai WP12 series engine, light weight, higher reliability, lower fuel consumption, maximum torque of 2100N · m, climbing strong, overtaking quickly, vehicle transportation more efficient.


Scale your burden, weight reduction and efficiency:
Into the 52 years of military quality, strictly implement the military level lightweight development and control process, lightweight design and a variety of new material applications, vehicle weight continues to reduce, truly light without degradation, more earn. Glass steel bumper of new material, all-aluminum transmission, matching large diameter electronic silicon oil fan, meet the user’s needs, and the weight is lighter.


Match MAN technology front axle and rear axle, European mainstream FAG hub bearing unit, 3 years or 500,000 km warranty, life-long maintenance free, lower maintenance costs.

I am such a heavy truck
– SHACMAN X3000 6×4 huge benefit edition
Try to make yourself into the look you want!

Post time: Mar-07-2024