Shipped in the morning and received in the afternoon SHACMAN exports more than 3,000 units to Central Asia each year

On many shopping platforms, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia are considered remote areas where logistics takes time. However, for SHACMAN heavy trucks in Urumqi, their delivery to the buyer is so convenient: send in the morning, you can receive in the afternoon. A truck of 350,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, the seller drives directly to the port and can be delivered to the buyer on the same day.


According to the person in charge of the SHACMAN market, they will drive SHACMAN heavy trucks to the Khorgos port, handle the relevant procedures and sell to five countries in Central Asia, and can sell more than 3,000 vehicles a year.

“It can be said that morning delivery will be received in the afternoon. Because of the Lianhuo Highway, it will only take more than 600 kilometers to drive from Urumqi, and it can be reached in six or seven hours.”

“The goods here are all pre-paid, and we don’t have them in stock.” In SHACMAN’s final assembly shop, workers complete the entire assembly of a car in 12 minutes. The assembled car is handed over to the service team and driven directly to Khorgos. There, people from five Central Asian countries are waiting to receive their goods.

In 2018, SHACMAN achieved mass production of heavy commercial vehicles and localization of skilled workers. As of October 2023, the company has produced and sold 39,000 heavy trucks, paid a cumulative tax of 166 million yuan, and driven 340 million yuan in Xinjiang. The company has 212 employees, “one third of whom are ethnic minorities.”

SHACMAN Company, whose sales market “covers Xinjiang and radiates Central Asia”, is currently a leading chain enterprise in the production of equipment manufacturing industry. SHACMAN not only produces a full range of heavy duty trucks, but also launches a number of new energy and special vehicle models, such as snow removal trucks, new environmental protection waste trucks, dump trucks, new smart city waste trucks, natural gas tractors, truck cranes and other products.

“Our final assembly workshop can install any model. Today, we have completed the assembly of 32 cars off the line and 13 on the line. If the customer needs to hurry, we can also increase the assembly speed to seven minutes per car.” SHACMAN Marketing director said. “In the high-end, intelligent and green development of Xinjiang’s equipment manufacturing industry, we can also contribute more.”

The person in charge of the port area of SHACMAN Road introduced that the container shipment here is 24 hours of operation, and 3 columns can be issued a day, and more than 1100 columns have been issued this year. By the end of October 2023, more than 7,500 China-Europe freight trains and 21 train routes have been launched, connecting 26 cities in 19 countries in Asia and Europe.

Border trade between SHACMAN and the five Central Asian countries has always been frequent, but since the opening of the China-Europe railway, the transport channel has expanded, and the scale of trade has been increased. May SHACMAN shine on the international stage.

Post time: Mar-25-2024