520 horsepower gas tractor “first choice for wealth”

On March 20, Shaanxi automobile, together with Yuchai and Fast, held the first listing tasting meeting of Deyu Q300 520 horsepower gas tractor in Yulin. More than 160 industry elites gathered together to jointly verify the extraordinary strength of Deyu Q300 520 horsepower gas tractor.


Cost reduction and efficiency,more horsepower more solar term.

As accurate positioning short distance coal load transportation and daily industrial products transportation models, such as market segment, shan steam DE royal Q300 520 horsepower gas tractor carrying yuchai 14.8L engine, do the same level in the car the largest, largest displacement, torque, heavy load start ability strong, rapid response, climbing strength big, reduce the number of shift, effectively improve the transportation efficiency.

In terms of gas consumption, Deyu Q300 520 horsepower gas tractor adopts dual-channel supercharger design, which is more solar term than single channel; equipped with Fast 12 gear efficient transmission, transmission efficiency of 99.8%; hand maintenance free efficient drive axle, transmission efficiency of 98%. The strong combination of the star power chain ensures the strong product power, low gas consumption, significantly reduces the operating cost, and improves the operating income of the card friends.

High standard, exclusive service

In addition to the leading competitiveness of the industry, Shaanxi Automobile joint yuchai engine and bridge gas tractor also issued special support measures, including: vehicle first year maintenance “0 expenditure”, first year warranty “0″ expenditure, engine 2 years without open cover maintenance, engine base parts 1 million km long warranty, engine warranty period unlimited fault mode out service, engine maintenance strategy upgrade and lifelong filter; provide transfer support and delay compensation.

Participants have said that the above five special support measures are really from the perspective of user needs, all-round protection of the practical interests of users, is tantamount to giving users a “reassurance”, but also led the development direction of the whole industry service policy, set a good model for the promotion and popularization of gas vehicles.

Thanks to the excellent product strength of Deyu Q300 520 horsepower gas tractor and the comprehensive after-sales policy, 20 prospective customers signed on the conference site, ordered 6 cars on site, and successfully delivered 1 car, which drew a satisfactory end for the launch conference.

Whether it is the comprehensive upgrade of product performance, or the launch of five special service measures, all show us the strong brand confidence and excellent product strength of Shaanxi Auto How is the performance of Shaanxi Automobile market in 2024? Worthy of our common attention!

Post time: Apr-09-2024