Active safety and passive safety of trucks

How to ensure driving safety? In addition to the card friends always keep careful driving habits, but also inseparable from the vehicle’s active passive safety system assistance.

What is the difference between “active safety” and “passive safety”?

Active safety is simply to prevent accidents, and passive safety measures is to reduce the consequences of accidents.

What are the most common passive security systems?

1. Safe body: The expression form of safe body is in the structure of the car room. Consciously, the current application of safe body has formed two major factions in the world, namely, “soft protection” and “hard protection”.

“Soft protection” is mainly through the collapse of the predetermined part of the structure of the drivers and passengers in the car, through the preset fold permanent deformation, can absorb most of the impact of external force;

“Hard protection party” mostly uses high strength materials, strong body structure design and other concepts, to ensure that the vehicle in the accident, the deformation will be smaller.

2. Safety belt: the safety belt naturally need not say, the first time to fasten. When the car collision occurs at the moment, the safety belt will quickly tighten and then lock, to prevent the driver and passenger from leaning forward, and effectively protect the safety of the driver and passenger.

3. Safety glass is generally divided into tempered glass and laminated glass. When the tempered glass is broken, it divides into many small pieces without sharp edge, which is not easy to hurt people. There are three layers of laminated glass, and the middle layer has strong toughness and bonding effect. Both the inner and outer layers are still adhered to the middle layer when due to the impact, effectively reducing the risk of injury caused by glass rupture

4. Seat head and neck protection system to protect the head and cervical spine and reduce the impact force.

5. The cab backward shift technology is also one of the last lines of defense. Its principle is that when the truck encounters a violent impact, in order to reduce the damage caused by the truck driver, the whole cab will move back for a certain distance to reduce the damage caused by the extrusion deformation of the cab.

What are the most common active security systems?

1.ABS anti-lock braking system, is the car in the normal driving process of the car, the driver found front obstacles need emergency braking, but vigorously brake prone to wheel lock, install ABS is to solve the problem of brake wheel lock, ABS is to simulate a “brake” state, so as to improve the stability of the car brake and poor pavement under the condition of car braking performance.

2. Body stability system, ESP / ESC / DSC / TCS / VSA and so on various names, are body stability system, no matter what it name has a “S (tability stability)” is enough to show the function of the biggest effect, when the poor road, the vehicle appeared “attitude”, electronic stability system will control the movement of drive wheel and driven wheel, so as to correct the car stable trajectory, to ensure the balance of the body.

Post time: May-13-2024