Battery life, charging, safety anxiety? Have Shaanxi Auto M3000E one step in place!

The new energy wind is blowing more and more fierce. The national policy, the layout of car enterprises, technical support can be said to all, one-time occupy the right time and place. Why is now the best time to buy new energy vehicles? An article, give you three big reasons!


Reason One


a New energy vehicles than the traditional oil vehicles with poor range?NO


M3000E Pure electric tractor with a number of hardcore technology!


In the eyes of many card friends, pure electric trucks are still very fresh, and its technical components are not very familiar with. The river’s lake widely spread the new energy vehicle “short range”, “long charging time”, is also the card friends did not dare to start.


In fact, new energy vehicles are constantly “training”, improve the technical content of batteries, so that the endurance is more and more powerful. The survey data of overseas automobile market research institute Cox Automobile Company shows that with the gradual breakthrough of new energy battery technology, the range of new energy commercial vehicles will be in a substantial growth trend, which will completely solve the range anxiety of users, and the commercial application scenarios are more extensive.


In terms of range, Shaanxi Auto Delong M3000E pure electric tractor is equipped with a number of core technology, adopts autonomous motor system, large efficient range, high transmission efficiency, effective energy recovery, close monitoring of energy consumption of batteries and accessories, so that every kilowatt hour of electricity can be fully utilized.


In addition to the endurance comparable to the oil car, in terms of reliability, Delon M3000E also has its unique advantages. Its autonomous motor through 8 reliability tests, long transmission life, chassis with high strength steel frame + Hande bridge, reliability through million vehicles verification, excellent environmental adaptability, perfect through 12,000 kilometers of integrated road conditions and minus 30Hailar cold area verification.


Reason Two


New energy vehicle charging is not convenient?NO


China’s charging pile has entered the perfect layout stage!


In the future, range anxiety will certainly be addressed. Next, we will talk about the charging problem of new energy vehicles. According to the trend, everyone has “got on the car” new energy, the need to charge cars will be more and more, the number of charging piles can keep up? Is it necessary for later charging to rely on “rob”?


Don’t worry, the country has long taken these problems into consideration, and has actively arranged the number of charging piles to improve the distribution breadth of charging piles. Xinhua News Agency said: at present, China’s new energy vehicle charging pile, from a large-scale expansion, began to improve the layout stage.


This means that, after that, there will be a relatively comprehensive charging network coverage in blind spot areas such as expressways, traffic fortresses and cities, and charging piles will also be widely sunk to remote areas such as counties and townships.


On the one hand, the state is leading the “car and pile difference”; on the other hand, heavy truck enterprises are also trying to provide solutions. Shaanxi Auto works with domestic charging and changing station operators to establish a strategic cooperative relationship with complementary resource advantages, and is committed to providing all kinds of customers with overall solutions for charging and changing stations. In the mode of vehicle-electric separation, the maintenance, charging and discharge and use risks of the battery of the energy vehicle are uniformly managed by the third-party electrical changing station operator, which greatly reduces the cost pressure and alleviates the charging problem to a large extent.


Reason Three


The NEV batteries are not safe enough?NO


Battery technology is more mature than you might think!


New energy vehicles to go far, in the final analysis or to the development of battery technology. After all, compared with the oil car, it is “new” in the change of power source. Many people think that the safety of batteries remains to be proven, but the development of battery technology is maturing.


At present, the new energy vehicles sold in the market are mainly ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate. Research shows that compared with ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery is more excellent in terms of cycle life and safety performance. The lithium iron phosphate power battery carried by Shaanxi Auto Delong M3000E has passed the safety tests of seawater immersion, fire, salt spray, mechanical impact, drop, vibration, turnover and so on, and the high strength alloy frame protection structure is more guaranteed.


As we all know, the main cause of the battery system failure and even the accident is the high temperature. M3000E The thermal stability of the battery system is up to 800, using battery management, thermal management and other intelligent management systems, as well as the whole vehicle high voltage system monitoring, real-time monitoring of vehicle conditions, abnormal situation timely alarm, bring the whole safety protection.


To sum up, the three major “pain points” of new energy vehicles: range, charging, safety, can become the “cool point” in the future. Especially in the current soaring oil price, the new energy, it must be the decision of smart people.


Post time: May-07-2024