Emision Standards VI heavy truck why will “limit twist”

Limit torsion is the common problem of the Emision Standards VI heavy truck, this is the manufacturer to force users to normal use of vehicles, meet the requirements of emissions forced to increase a control logic, also called the primary driving performance limit, when emissions over OBD limit, and more than 10-36 hours still did not solve the problem, the vehicle limit torsion, limit vehicle power output, vehicle torque will be reduced by 25%.



In fact, the Emision Standards V heavy truck also require the torsion treatment for the exhaust gas is not up to the standard, but the requirements are relatively loose, so there are few such faults, but the national six models have higher requirements, so there is a phenomenon of limiting limit.

In fact, the reasons for the “limited twist” are nothing more than the following:

1. The residual amount of reaction agent (urea) is lower than the rated capacity range value, and the quality of urea is not up to the standard.

2. EGR valve stuck and lasts for a certain time.

3. The tamper-proof detection system (post-processing monitoring, including all kinds of post-processing sensors, circuits, etc.) fails and lasts for a certain time.

Post time: May-08-2024