Empowered by five excellent genes, X6000 interprets a new “driving value”!

Open heavy truck transportation, making money is the core goal of SHACMAN friends, and in recent years with the rise of trunk logistics, large horsepower has become the trend of The Times. SHACMAN grasps the core needs of users and the market, integrates the five advantages of efficiency, fuel saving, comfort, intelligence and safety into one, and creates high-end heavy SHACMAN X6000 to help SHACMAN friends generate income efficiently.

Empowered by five excellent genes (6)

Gold power, accelerated appreciation
Based on the in-depth mining of the actual operating conditions of users, to provide users with the optimal matching power output support, SHACMAN X6000 is equipped with WP14H, 15H engine + FAST Wisdom 16-speed AMT+ small speed ratio efficient drive axle, to create gold power. Vehicle power efficient coordination, give full play to strong power advantages, help card friends to get rich acceleration.

Empowered by five excellent genes (2)

Outstanding ability, energy saving value
In terms of fuel saving, the SHACMAN X6000 technology has been fully upgraded. Exclusive high-horsepower low fuel consumption engine, with advanced combustion, intake and exhaust, pulse supercharging and other technologies, to achieve the industry’s highest thermal efficiency of 52.28%. S-series integrated AMT automatic transmission + customized H series efficient drive axle, the efficiency level breaks the industry limit. At the same time, the application of the industry’s top “8T” exclusive customized fuel saving technology, to achieve a significant reduction in vehicle fuel consumption, for you to sweep away the “oil” worry, bring luck!

Empowered by five excellent genes (3)

Comfortable experience, high appearance level
The SHACMAN X6000 is tall and tall, full of visual impact, and the interior design is also not to be underestimated. The height of the cab is 2130m, the activity space is spacious, and the trafficability is excellent. Both sides of the main seat waist off, shoulder adjustment and other comfort adjustment, passenger seat folding, bring comfortable experience. The bed adopts the original double-sided bedding design, providing different materials of sponge + coconut on both sides, according to personal preference. From driving to rest, the superior configuration gives the card friend perfect comfort.

Empowered by five excellent genes (4)

Intelligent technology, enjoy the driving
SHACMAN X6000 relies on strong SHACMAN vehicle operation big data to bring you a full range of intelligent driving experience. Provide intelligent shift strategy, foresee driving technology, more convenient driving, and then evaluate and improve the driving behavior of card friends, cultivate good driving habits at the same time, greatly reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, ACC adaptive cruise +AEBS automatic emergency braking and other auxiliary driving can be selected to reduce driving fatigue. Voice linkage intelligent facilities in the car to create an intelligent driving control environment, using cutting-edge technology to let card friends always feel the fun of driving.

Empowered by five excellent genes (5)

Excellent strength, safe value preservation
Vehicle application people-oriented design concept, quality upgrade, the use of a unique large-section frame body structure, military quality quality standards, through the ECE most stringent vehicle collision regulations certification, the living space is still surplus 107mm, full reliability, high safety factor. The improvement of its safety also ensures that the vehicle is highly diligent, the operation is non-stop, and the income is not limited.

Post time: Dec-12-2023