ERA TRUCK “Focus on customer needs” elite training will be successfully concluded

-- Help SHACMAN special vehicle customers continue to improve the operational value

At the beginning of the establishment of ERA TRUCK, the business philosophy of "customer-centric, focusing on customer needs" was determined. To realize this concept, we must first be oriented to customer needs, then provide customers with systematic, professional and efficient vehicle sales services, and finally respond quickly to customer needs.

With the continuous breakthrough of SHACMAN market segment, for the overseas special vehicle sector, how to implement the "customer-centric" business philosophy, ERA TRUCK Shaanxi Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. organized a professional elite training meeting on January 23, 2024. At the meeting, training and guidance were provided in three aspects of "customer demand diagnosis, customer analysis, and product introduction" for special vehicles, aiming to create a leader in the field of high-quality special vehicles.

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Highly insightful, 16 points of marketing focused on customer needs
In many cases, the needs of special car buyers are not directly communicated to SHACMAN service personnel, and some car buyers even describe the demand information themselves in general or vague. Generally, in this case, it is necessary for marketers to speculate and ask questions through experience, and directly or indirectly grasp customer information, so as to solve part of the essential needs of car buyers. However, we know that this way of communication is inefficient and can not systematically fully grasp the customer's information. Today, our ERA TRUCK instructor started the first class of training with "customer needs diagnosis" and unlocked 16 customer needs.

Within the 16 points of demand, we must consult the explicit needs of customers, such as car purchase model, model, quantity, delivery time, place, car purchase conditions, payment methods, etc., such information is directly and clearly communicated with customers, and is directly reflected in the content of the contract signed by both sides. The invisible needs of car buyers require marketers to continue to follow up, constantly ask questions and communicate, and specifically show the ERA TRUCK training class instructor with a logical framework structure, such as the identity of the special vehicle operator, the understanding and use of the special vehicle, the channel source of the car buyer and the cognition of the ERA TRUCK buying platform.

Seize the customer's 16 kinds of car purchase needs, signing the order can get twice the result with half the effort. The mastery of 16 kinds of needs maximizes the growth value of customers, and allows marketers to win the recognition of consumers with experience and careful insight.

Analyze the group portrait of customers and describe the characteristics of individual car purchases
There are many kinds of classification of customer group characteristics. Usually, we can classify customers according to country, customer operating conditions, and purchase models. According to country classification, we mainly consider the natural geographical conditions of the country, for example, whether the country is mostly mountainous or plain. Traffic conditions. Is the road smooth? Or are the roads rough and steep? According to the customer's operating conditions, it is mainly divided into the use scenario of car purchase, transportation distance, time, cargo weight and number of times and so on. According to the classification of purchase models, we can be divided into lightweight, enhanced, super and other models. According to these three categories, we can carry out a specific group portrait of the customer, tracing the use characteristics of the buyer group, so as to recommend a reasonable heavy truck configuration for the customer, to achieve more fuel saving, more money saving, more durable, more efficient operation effect.

Product segmentation and product differentiation
The Godfather says that the man who sees the nature of things in half a second and the man who spends his whole life not seeing the nature of things are destined to different destinies. Think of it analogically, the fate of a person who can introduce a product in a minute and a person who can't explain it in half an hour is bound to be very different.

So be sure to have enough knowledge of truck products. First of all, we first segment the product from the market, there are hundreds of special vehicle types in the field of special vehicles, such as sprinklers, tanker trucks, cement mixing trucks, fire trucks, excavators, truck cranes, etc., this training session we will focus on product segmentation functional areas and product differentiation, such as cement mixing trucks, How to introduce in detail with customers from product technology, process, quality and service, what kind of technology is used in cement mixer, German technology or Chinese technology? What are the advantages of this technique? Each assembly part of the special vehicle has a closely guarded core technology, such as engine, variable box, front and rear axle, cab, tires, Tianxingjian intelligent system, etc. SHACMAN has a unique and unique technical advantage. How to convey these advantages to customers in a colloquial way is the top priority of this training. In the same way, foreign trade sales personnel also need to repeatedly confirm the top system to the customer, such as hydraulic system, tank parameters, blade parameters, subframe, feed in and out system, protection system, painting and assembly process, etc., to confirm whether the top system meets the needs of the customer's operation scenario, and confirm whether the top brand and price are acceptable. Foreign trade sales personnel should not only have a solid knowledge reserve of special vehicles, but also know how to use the contrast of technical advantages and the price difference of different brands in order to make the best choice for customers.

In addition to market segmentation and in-depth product knowledge, Era truck also provides customers with differentiated design styles for specialized vehicles. According to the industrial design methodology, we make scientific product planning, and launch professional design coatings such as "Classic F5 series", "Peak Cube Series" and "Animation series". For example, garbage compressor, we refer to the style of Dutch abstract painter Mondrian's works, based on red, yellow and blue, and introduce new ideas, implying that SHACMAN garbage compressor series products are like magic cubes, creating a colorful future. Based on and beyond the product level, the waste disposal extends to a clean environment, and the clean environment is associated with a better future, giving the garbage special vehicle a good meaning. SHACMAN not only deeply cultivates the field of product technology, but also provides differentiated painting design styles to bring customers a new experience and add colorful and beautiful urban scenery to the customer's home country.

ERA TRUCK Focus on customer needs elite training will be successfully concluded (2)
ERA TRUCK Focus on customer needs elite training will be successfully concluded (3)

This training meeting not only allows foreign trade elites to grasp the customer needs of special vehicles, but also lets you know how to convey the vehicle performance, core technology advantages and coat system configuration confirmation to customers, help SHACMAN special vehicle customers continue to improve the operating value, spread the advantages of SHACMAN vehicle, and strengthen the value of SHACMAN brand and products. It also creates a better future for Era truck in the field of commercial vehicles.

Post time: Sep-28-2023