Fuel saving “crash record” —— “fuel consumption killer” transformed into a cool old driver

How is the car going? Evaluation is done once to say again first!

Find out the bottom line, know yourself and know the enemy

Comprehensively ess your throttle, brake and shift habits

And speed, revolving speed, throttle and other key variables


Bad driving habits? Help you correct it automatically!


Listen to Delong, Huai is right


After a professional evaluation, tailor improvements for you, such as:


Reduce the emergency braking


Reduce rapid acceleration operations


Please use the high-grade position for driving


Please keep the economic speed running


Driving technology has been improved, and the fuel consumption will also go down!


“This oil, the province of the province


Effectively “temper” driving technology and improve driving scores


A “come on”, not hard mouth, not soft


Anyway, when it makes the money, it lets it go up


After all, our poetry and the distance are also very expensive………



Post time: May-06-2024