Fuel saving secrets to help you all the way “oil” with ease


The throttle is relaxed

Transportation road is a driver’s arena, so some card friends always want to show two hands on the road, foot on the accelerator, power all open, this can be the fuel consumption crisis warning. A quick, but their own hot money! So in the transportation, the throttle can not follow one’s wishes, but to relax the degree, uniform speed forward. In the fast start, you can throttle on the road, conducive to fuel saving, and in the uphill, is to stabilize the throttle in time, so that the engine in the state of medium load climbing. The engine should run in the economic speed range, is our fast and saving secret of fuel saving.

Reasonable planning of routes

Running transportation, it is inevitable to encounter various emergencies such as wrong road and congested road, and even run on more complex road conditions, the car can not afford, fuel consumption all the way down. So choose the appropriate route in advance, do a good job of transportation planning, can reduce too much fuel consumption pressure for card friends. Instead of working on the road, it is better to spend some time in advance to do a strategy for yourself, the road is easy, the vehicle fuel saving win in the starting line.

Vehicle maintenance

Some card friends treat transportation, as long as the car is not wrong, or buy some accessories at a low price, think they save a lot of money, but these are putting the cart before the horse. Card friends on the road will encounter a variety of complex conditions, the vehicle inspection is responsible for our safety, not to the vehicle maintenance of attention, in fact, is a big loss. The vehicle should be maintained frequently, play its reliable strength, not only extend the life cycle of the vehicle, improve the attendance rate, ensure efficient transportation, but also bring priceless safety guarantee for card friends.

Post time: Apr-23-2024