Gabon Big boss with handsome guy, wonderful SHACMAN factory trip

Unexpectedly, eight years later, Jack, a handsome young man from Gabon who had studied in China, came back again! Welcome!
He returned with boundless nostalgia and connection to his son’s homeland.
He has brought new opportunities for development and cooperation to this once infinitely cherished land
Gabon handsome boy Jack and his big boss in order to order a large number of F3000 dump trucks and special vehicles, travel far and wide, just for a block of SHACMAN style in the spring of March.

SHACMAN Group has a long history of development, has accumulated strong scientific research force, and carries the ardent expectation of China to build an automobile power. SHACMAN large trucks have been sold overseas for more than decades, and through focusing on development and reforming quality control, SHACMAN has won praise from overseas people with excellent product quality and user reputation.

Gabon big boss and handsome guy is attracted by the superior quality of SHACMAN, just off the plane, can not wait to come to the factory to understand the situation.

(From left to right in the picture are Shawn, a professional waiter from China SHACMAN, a big Boss from Gabon, Tangxujin, a professional instructor from SHACMAN, and Jack, a handsome guy)

SHAMAN’s production line is designed according to the concept of flexible manufacturing, which can realize the production of multiple series and varieties of products, and one production line can match 5-6 different models at the same time. During this visit, what Shawn and Jack saw were customer orders. SHAMAN’s products will customize the appearance and parts of the vehicle according to customer preferences and needs, and provide customers with personalized products, such as high-top cab, which is mainly used for long-distance transportation, standard load logistics, container cold chain transportation and other products; Flat top cab, mainly used for dump truck and special vehicle chassis, can be used for coal, slag and other engineering transportation industry.


Shawn and Jack were also interested in the assembly area of the SHAMAN line. Shawn said with great humor, “The SHAMAN factory is amazing. You can buy all the ideal trucks in the world here. The production line in this assembly area is specially designed to fill diesel oil, antifreeze, clutch brake fluid, refrigerant, etc. Only when all the starting conditions are met can the exhaust gas collection system be entered and the truck can be started.


Handsome boy Jack is the most excited to come to the Cummins factory visit, he was very happy to tell Shawn that here was once his dream work place, he is sorry that he did not realize his dream here, see the Cummins engine in kind, Jack does not need our introduction, gushing to Shawn to explain the Cummins engine history, scientific research and technology, and the current acceptance and recognition in the market, Shawn has been responding to him in English: “That is great,We should order this one,this one,and this,oh mygod,I want them all.” The people around heard and laughed.



Time passed quickly, we quickly visited the factory, stood next to the Cummins production line, all of us took pictures, went back to the Era Truck office to finalize our product configuration, happily signed the contract, Shawn and Jack then waved goodbye, before leaving China, He will operate the entire Truck loading service in Gabon, and will continue to order cars on the Era Truck platform in the future. I hope we can maintain cooperation and add a color of friendship for China and Africa.

Post time: Mar-12-2024