Give full play to the advantages of data to help explore the international market

In order to help enterprises accelerate the process of internationalization, improve the level of vehicle intelligence, and provide customers with high-quality Internet of vehicles services, recently, Tianxing Car Network held an overseas business promotion project launch meeting to clarify the next step of overseas business improvement technology and business objectives.、


In 2018, Tianxingjian and Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export released the overseas Internet of Vehicles service system SHACMAN TELEMATICS, becoming the first enterprise in the industry to release the overseas Internet of Vehicles. With Shaanxi Automobile vehicles running around the world, Tianxingjian Internet of Vehicles service also quickly covered the overseas market. In recent years, Tianxingjian has followed the national “Belt and Road” initiative and gradually realized business development in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. In 2024, facing the development opportunities and technical challenges of overseas market, Tianxingjian actively utilized data advantages, deepen representative application scenarios, conduct customer research and formulate targeted strategies; work with industry partners to use satellite communication technologies to solve overseas network communication problems, break through technical bottlenecks, realize localized deployment and operation of Internet of Vehicles system, boost the international market development, and make more contributions to the economic development of Belt and Road country.

Post time: May-14-2024