Global vision hand in hand to advance —— CIMC Shaanxi Automobile and times international sales business elite exchange meeting

On April 23,2024, the international sales manager Shen Weisong led sales business elite came to cimc shan steam exchange learning, CIMC shan steam is a CIMC shan steam heavy card (Xi’an) vehicle co., LTD., is cimc vehicle (group) co., LTD. And shaanxi heavy truck co., LTD. Jointly established a sino-foreign joint venture, professional production and sales of all kinds of special vehicles. This exchange meeting includes four processes, first, product introduction of dump truck (technical PPT explanation), second, group photo downstairs, third, visit workshop, fourth, on-site communication of real car.


First, the dump truck products are introduced by the technical expert Zhang Xianyan. The PPT explanation includes four aspects: about us, product introduction, manufacturing capacity, service introduction and case study. Let time international sales business elite from multidimensional aspects understand the zhongji Shanxi steam related situation, technical experts focus on the product knowledge is introduced, including the concept of product design and development, methods, and support, material, wear resistance, the thickness of the floor selection, conventional configuration, special vehicle product type, matching product introduction, process flow chart, etc. Through the explanation of the technical experts, the business elites of Times International have gained a lot. After the explanation, the business elites of our company also exchanged questions with the technical experts.

Second, then came to the group photo under the office building, which was a souvenir for this exchange meeting. The staff of CIMC Shaanxi Auto specially made a welcome banner for the arrival of the business elites of The Times International. We all pulled up the banner to take a group photo together.

Third, the times international business personnel and a group of CIMC Shaanxi Automobile company followed the technical expert Wu Qiulin to visit the workshop, the first is to visit the material preparation workshop. Focus on understanding the processing process of loading materials, equipment: 2500 tons, 800 tons of bending machine, laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, etc. Then I came to the product exhibition area (including rectangular bucket, U-shaped bucket), and finally came to visit the final assembly workshop, focusing on the installation process, the installation process of hydraulic accessories, equipment including: drag chain assembly line.

Fourth, finally, we came to the real car site, under the leadership of technical experts, we learned about all kinds of vehicles, and the business elites also had a more practical understanding of the real car.

The era international and CIMC Shaanxi Automobile learning and exchange activities were successfully concluded. All the business elites said that they have gained a lot. The leaders and staff of CIMC Shaanxi Automobile also expressed that they welcome to continue to exchange and learn in the factory next time.

Post time: Apr-24-2024