Heavy truck dark horse ——X5000S highly efficient solar term

In the current logistics market, the oil cost is high, the freight rate continues to decline, how to survive?
X5000S Gas vehicles are not afraid of operation problems, comprehensive control of high efficiency, high comfort, high revenue.
Become a veritable heavy card circle dark horse, on the way to get rich to help card friends help!
Hardcore power, highly efficient and profitable
Shaanxi Auto X5000S gas vehicle, combined with Weichai Power customized development, equipped with WP15NG530 high-horsepower engine, to meet the power needs of card friends for efficient operation. Matching Fast 16 gear gearbox + hand efficient small speed ratio rear axle, through the golden power combination of multiple scene accurate adjustment, can easily be competent for a variety of complex road conditions, show its quality with ease. At the same time, 16 energy-saving technologies such as the third generation of multi-channel heat dissipation and high efficiency EGR are applied. The gas consumption of the vehicle is 2.4% -6.81% lower than the working conditions of competing products, both high efficiency and low consumption, helping the card friends to win without resistance.
Light and qualitative, Dorado load
Shaanxi Auto X5000S natural gas tractor adopts a number of lightweight technology, the application of high strength steel frame + aluminum alloy rim and other aspects of lightweight materials, so that the vehicle weight is lighter, help to make more money. By optimizing the material of the expansion box, the suspension system structure and the bumper structure, the low weight of the vehicle is better than the competing products. At the same time, 1500L lightweight cylinder is also adopted, combined with the lightweight design of cylinder bracket, to realize the farther range and less gas filling times, so as to reduce cost and increase efficiency for card friends.
X5000s Gas heavy truck, worthy of the heavy truck circle dark horse, all the way to prosperity pilot!

Post time: Mar-19-2024