Here is a card friend Lao Wang’s money secrets

In the transportation industry, truck friend Lao Wang has been known as the king of the road, can be called this title, one is Lao Wang into the industry for a long time, the second is that his driving technology is hard. But if you want to be able to cultivate such a master, in the road must have the following skill points, to really become the king on the road, here let’s take a look at the truck friend Lao Wang gallop the road, all the way up the unique learning.
01 The car needs to know: full control
If you want to conquer the road, you have to surrender the car, understand the vehicle, skilled with the car is the basic condition. The so-called “know yourself and know the enemy in a hundred battles”, to the skilled driving of vehicles, you can make a reasonable and timely judgment according to different road conditions, and take the corresponding operation.
X6000 hand is self-integrated, intelligent shift, a number of intelligent functions to improve the driving experience.
People and cars systematic intelligent fuel saving, through the use of intelligent evaluation of driving habits, to provide users with intelligent fuel saving solutions.
On average than similar models save 3-4 liters, the industry fuel consumption is the lowest!
02 road to be suitable: to respond to the change
Driving on the road, you will encounter all kinds of road conditions. And we Lao Wang can do calm, can adapt, is through different sections of the tempered. Encounter complex road conditions on the way, we should observe carefully, pay attention to control the speed of the vehicle, and change the driving mode according to the actual situation. In the section to develop the ability to predict, in order to enjoy the road, fearless calm.
Delong X6000 can realize predictive fuel-saving intelligent driving. With the help of the big data of Shaanxi automobile and vehicle operation, it makes integrated decisions on road conditions in advance and accurately shift gears in various road conditions. No matter how complicated the road conditions are, they can be easily won.
03 The car needs to keep: steady operation
The vehicle is the baby of the card friend Lao Wang, so the “sick” state of the vehicle can also be seen at a glance. Regular inspection of vehicles and good condition is one of the necessary skills that we need to conquer the road.
X6000 global intelligent thermal management system, to ensure the vehicle power of low energy consumption and efficient operation.
Conquer roads, just Dron X6000,
Make money as steady as Lao Wang!

Post time: Apr-28-2024