In 2024, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck, to fully attack

Shaanxi Auto heavy truck has anchored the target. In 2024, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck will carry out the work from three aspects:


First, to seize the opportunity with the spirit of “the start is the decisive battle, the start is the sprint”, to win the first battle of the year to have a good start, to achieve share increase, sales breakthrough. In the face of the growth opportunities of natural gas and pure electric products, as well as the structural changes of the proportion of tractors and trucks, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck accurately analyzes the market demand, does a good job in resource reserve, ensure the competitive market and explore the weak market.
Second, focus on customer needs, to create first-class products in the industry. Among them, the natural gas vehicles should lead in the advantages of Weichai and Cummins to ensure the economy, reliability and comfort, and promote the breakthrough in the long-distance load logistics market; the new energy vehicles should strengthen in-depth cooperation with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain such as Ningde Times, and improve the quality of product and service through the overall solution of vehicle, station, piles, and finance; the “Sangood Development Center” of CIMC Shaanxi Automobile should be further integrated to create the leading vehicle integration solution for customers.
Third, to strengthen value marketing and shape the first-class brand in the industry. To accelerate the transformation of marketing service mode, adhere to the marketing of key customers, around the whole marketing process, provide customized service solutions, improve customer engagement, reduce the comprehensive financial service cost, build around the customer financing needs, let customers improve the value of the whole life cycle of products, cultivate new business growth points; change thinking, in the trend of diversified customer needs, not just sell cars, to help customers with a package of car purchase, use and change, win-win with customers and channels.
With goals, plans and implementation, in 2024, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck will try its best to lead the industry again.

Post time: Mar-21-2024