Is SHACMAN export really strong now?

From the perspective of sales in the half year of this year, SHACMAN has accumulated sales of about 78,000 units, ranking fourth in the industry, with a market share of 16.5%. Momentum can be said to be on the rise. SHACMAN sold 27,000 units in the international market from January to March, another record high. In other words, export sales accounted for as much as 35%. It will export 19,000 units in 2022 and about 34,000 units in 2023. So, Shaanxi automobile export is really strong now?


Focus on the exit. The overseas brand of Shaanxi Automobile is SHACMAN, released in 2009, and has been in operation for 14 years. The overseas market has more than 230,000 vehicles, and has been sold to more than 140 countries and regions around the world!

In particular, SHACMAN’s performance in the Central Asian heavy truck market is worth the circle point. In the past five years, the market demand for heavy trucks in Central Asia has increased from 4,000 units in 2018 to 8,200 units in 2022, and SHACMAN’s share in the Central Asian market has also increased from 33% in 2018 to 43% in 2022, maintaining the first place in the market.

Channel and product are key. At present, SHACMAN has 40 overseas offices in the world, with more than 190 first-level dealers, more than 380 overseas service outlets, 42 overseas spare parts center libraries and more than 100 spare parts franchise stores, more than 110 service engineers stationed in the overseas front line, in Mexico, South Africa and other 15 countries to carry out localized production.

In terms of products, SHACMAN has basically formed a product structure dominated by dump trucks, with the sales of tractor constantly increasing, and trucks and special vehicles steadily increasing. The product competitiveness of X3000, X5000 and X6000 is also constantly improving.

Shaanxi Automobile products and brands go abroad, there is no doubt, is the result of a variety of factors!

Post time: Apr-12-2024