Kyrgyzstani customers visit the Shaanxi Jixin Industry

Our potential customer arrived at Xi ‘an Airport on January 30th, 2024. They visited our company (Shaanxi Jixin Industry) on January 31, 2024. Fly directly from Kyrgyzstan to Xi ‘an to our company to discuss the order of Shaanxi auto dump truck, tractor and other matters. There are five people in their party. In the meeting room of our company, we discussed the selection of specific models and after-sales service. Division I leader Liang Wenrui deputy general manager answered one by one. This time the customer is very satisfied with our service. The negotiation of Shaanxi Auto dump truck and tractor is very successful. They also plan to order Shaanxi Auto spare parts. They also visited the Shaanxi Auto factory with Zaparov and 5 others. At the factory, they filmed the video and sent it to their partners. They are very satisfied with the Shaanxi Automobile factory.
Below are the photos of them in our conference room and our group photos in the factory. This is the second time the client has come to our company to discuss business



Post time: Feb-22-2024