L5000 4×2- -Help you get rich all the way

As a truck market star products, dragon L5000 classic version is for small, express transport market segment new development design of a 42 drive form truck, fully meet the demand of small load, express transport market segment, from the new shape, strong power, chassis, bearing new advantages, shaping L5000 classic models.


Fashion appearance

The new model inherits the Delong family “Jin Niu” shape, initiates the design elements of “red shield” and “sky bow”, the style is stable and atmospheric, without losing youthful vitality; raise the bumper with fashionable halogen headlights, visual more delicate and advanced, fit the user aesthetic; the interior is the theme of “simple and delicate”, using the encircling dashboard layout, convenient operation; with the flat floor channel body, through excellent.

Strong fuel saving

L5000 classic version model matches Weichai P4.6N240 model, The engine can achieve the largest horsepower in the four-cylinder engine in the industry, Economy is more energy-efficient, Fuel consumption is 1.02-1.4L/100km lower than competing products, Annual savings can save 4500 yuan for card friends, The engine can be matched with Yuchai YCS04 220 / YCK05 240, Cummins D4.5 220 and other engines; At the same time can match the Fast, count gear gearbox, Large transmission head gear speed ratio, Even range range distribution, Power performance, gear shift ride comfort is better; Rated output torque of the drive axle is 2400N.m, Greater torque than the competing products, Power performance is stronger than competing products.

Reliable bearing

The chassis has stronger bearing, and the frame uses 230 single 7 high strength steel frame, which is thicker than the frame of other competing products; the frame beam connection plate uses U-type structure connection plate, which further improves the bearing strength compared with the competing product L-type connection plate; and the front end attachment uses cast front extension beam, which has higher strength and stability than the horizontal groove girder of other competing products. For the load segment market suspension using 7 / 7 + 3 multi-chip spring, higher reliability, suitable for multi-condition transportation, Shaanxi steam chassis, military quality, trustworthy.

More importantly, only Dora can make money, L5000 classic chassis through the integrated design of front-end accessories, fender bracket, wire harness bracket and other measures to strengthen the strength of the chassis while reducing the weight, the weight can be the lightest in the industry, lighter than competing products can be more than 150 kg, pull more goods for card friends is expected to earn 5000 yuan.

Post time: Apr-02-2024