L5000 grid truck Show “out” all the way

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In the green, less-than-carload transportation market
People are looking for high quality vehicles to meet the demand
Time-efficient, economical, lightweight, comfortable and safe
Delong L5000 warehouse grid truck
One car for all needs

Surging power, fuel saving “out” color
It is equipped with Weichai 7L270/300PS national six engine, matching Fast 8-speed transmission with synchronizer and 4.333-speed Bhande axle.

The maximum torque of the engine can reach 1100N.M, power, fuel saving double upgrade, the application of efficient fan, efficient radiator, low roll resistance tire and other fuel saving technology, combined with the actual operation of millions of kilometers of big data, the vehicle adjustment and efficient matching, to achieve fuel saving of more than 2.5%, the vehicle 100 kilometers of fuel consumption does not exceed 19L.

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Easy ride, comfortable “out” color
L5000 four-point suspension cab, matching long leaf spring front suspension, greatly improve the vehicle ride comfort, the main seat with waist airbag seat, can achieve front and rear, pitch, backrest multi-angle adjustment, matching flexible shaft control, convenient shift, greatly improve the driving comfort, while meeting the need for rest, sleeper width up to 660MM, effectively reduce card fatigue. Improve driving comfort.

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Safe travel, reliable “out”
Run green pass, don’t forget driving safety, L5000 warehouse grid car application of ultra-strong steel, skeleton structure design, using the industry’s unique collapse technology, frontal impact energy absorption more than 50%, the vehicle adopts 12BAR air pressure, the highest level in the industry, superimposed braking torque 30% higher than the industry’s Hande axle, braking distance greatly reduced, At the same time match the industry’s most mature technology retarder, all-round escort.

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  Reasonable weight reduction, light weight “out” circle
Lightweight is one of the standards for testing vehicle performance, L5000 warehouse grid chassis using high-strength steel frame, less spring before and after, lightweight steel rims, aluminum alloy transmission, aluminum alloy fuel tank and other lightweight programs, high reliability, chassis weight advantage leading the industry, while light without reducing quality, help card friends to achieve more load.

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Post time: Nov-10-2023