L5000 integrated sanitation vehicle, a new tool for urban sanitation

In the field of sanitation
L5000 integrated sanitation vehicle
Through intelligent control, innovative design, achieve cost reduction and efficiency
Contribute to the cause of environmental protection
A new benchmark for clean cities


Four technologies, leading the way
Install four unique technologies, such as electric integration, vehicle thermal management technology, and vehicle integrated development technology, to bring scientific and technological innovation to L5000 sanitation vehicles. Technology leads to make the sanitation task more energy efficient and bring fresh power to the urban environment.


Efficient solution, excellent savings
L5000 integrated sanitation vehicle, intelligent control makes driving more convenient, saving time and labor, the driver’s in-car control, the annual labor cost of 40,000. At the same time, through innovative design, the electric top is canceled, and the modification saves 28,000 yuan. Provide more convenient solutions for urban sanitation work, improve efficiency and reduce costs, so that card friends reap greater benefits.


Energy management, intelligent leading
L5000 integrated sanitation vehicle, through smart technology to achieve accurate optimization of energy management, power consumption ahead of 6.3%. Inject more efficient and environmentally friendly new forces into urban sanitation, and build a clean and intelligent urban sanitation future.


L5000 integrated sanitation vehicle
Help clean up the city
Add impetus for card friends to become efficient and rich

Save fuel, gas and money
Fuel saving global well-known truck brand

Post time: Mar-06-2024