L5000 truck, a new chapter of wealth

In the transportation market, but how to keep far ahead in the competitive truck market? L5000 WP6HS Truck, with fuel-saving skills to help car friends to seize the opportunity to create wealth!


L5000 WP6HS The engine is tailored, using low friction, low power consumption and intelligent control technology, optimizing the intake system and combustion system, to create a new generation of high thermal efficiency engine. The vehicle also pays attention to reducing fuel consumption with a number of intelligent fuel saving measures, including electronically controlled silicone oil fan, generous diversion cover, etc. Combined with the driving habits of drivers of different market segments, through accurately adjusting the throttle MAP and engine characteristics, the vehicle fuel saving is more than 6%, and save at least 10,000 yuan for users every year.

L5000 WP6HS Focus on the matching degree of vehicle and user actual working conditions of the new upgrade of intelligent fuel saving technology is its core highlight. Using advanced intake system, combustion system, a new optimized combustion chamber, 23 Mpa burst pressure 19.5:1 compression ratio, in the fuel consumption to achieve a leapfrog improvement. Combine with advanced thermal management and regeneration control strategies to create higher operational efficiency for users.

L5000 WP6HS Carrying the cargo

Help you open a new chapter in getting rich

For you to achieve intelligent fuel saving

Escort to create wealth!

Post time: Mar-26-2024