Lay a solid foundation to build a professional foreign trade marketing team

The Analects of Confucius said, “If you want to do good, you must sharpen your tools,” in other words, victory is not only the momentum of breaking the sky, but also the excellent ability of being firm as a rock. Marketing is not a war, but there is no smoke all over the sky, the charge of the horn, the bloody battlefield, but it is related to a market, a company, a group of people can be invincible in the market, or the decisive factor of getting a piece of cake.

Lay a solid foundation to build a professional foreign trade marketing team

Heavy truck foreign trade as a hot market with higher attention in recent years, on the one hand plays a role in driving the domestic economy to reflect the role of a big country, on the other hand, it also effectively solves the difficult situation of domestic overcapacity eager to seek a breakthrough. Heavy truck foreign trade in recent years has shown continuous growth, more flowering for the good situation, Chinese trucks have formed overseas to replace the basic conditions of new and old heavy trucks in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, there is reason to assert that heavy truck export trade has ushered in a century of opportunity, as industry practitioners, if you want to occupy the market with high quality and high goals, foreign trade marketing team is bound to take the first step. Based on this, Shaanxi Jixin organized all sales personnel to carry out practical training courses with the theme of “Lay a solid foundation to build a professional foreign trade marketing team”.

The practical training course always focuses on the two core points of “the integration of theory and practice” and “the function of each system assembly of the vehicle”, and has a detailed understanding of the axle, gearbox, clutch, engine, hydraulic retarders, transfer box, cab, chassis, and vehicle wiring harness, especially in the introduction of the axle. sales personnel are very intuitive to see the differences in the structure of different speed ratios of axle and practical application scenarios, so that the cold steel is no longer abstract. The training in the morning ended in a deep-going but easy to understand way, and the business involved in the training also had a deeper understanding of the heavy truck foreign trade products.

What is the absolute competitiveness of the sales industry? With the advent of the AI era, many industries that rely on the accumulation of information to form advantages are being weakened, but they cannot replace people’s emotional output after understanding knowledge. Training is only to solve the bottom building of foreign trade marketing for business personnel, and more importantly, to be responsible for customers and provide continuous value for customers. Create their own absolute competitiveness!

Published by: Wenrui Liang
December 11, 2023

Post time: Dec-28-2023