M3000E Innovation and technology, to open up a green future

In this era of rapid development of science and technology, new energy tractors are gradually becoming the new favorite in the field of logistics and transportation. M3000E New energy tractor brings two big black technology, centralized electric drive bridge technology and thermal management fine calibration technology, to show high efficiency and energy saving, leading the new fashion of future transportation!


M3000E Central centralized electric drive bridge design, not only compact structure, high integration, but also through the motor MAP and speed ratio optimization, to improve the efficiency of> 1% effect. This means that the energy consumption per 100 km is reduced by> 5kWh, and the dead weight can also be reduced by> 200kg. M3000E Light weight, high efficiency, redefine the high and low voltage interface position, not only make the driving lighter reliability greatly improved, at the same time, the annual electricity savings of about 3,000 yuan, which undoubtedly brings considerable economic benefits for card friends.

In addition, the M3000E also well in thermal management through electronic fan group control, electric compressor PI intelligent adjustment and other advanced technology, realize the thermoelectric coupling control, so as to make full use of waste heat, reduce the compressor and fan accessories, make the vehicle power consumption reduced by 1.5%, operating costs can reduce about 03000 yuan a year.

M3000E New energy tractor leading industry to technological innovation as the driving force, master the high efficiency and energy saving to help card friends in the future to a greener, more sustainable road!

Post time: Mar-22-2024