M3000E——Our security guard

For truck friends, driving safety is crucial for efficient operation, so, the safety performance of a vehicle is high, it has become an important factor for users to choose a car. And the M3000E is our security guard.
M3000E New energy tractors from active safety, misoperation protection, redundant protection, system failure protection to big data remote diagnosis, five dimensions accurately decompose the user’s whole life cycle vehicle scene, to create a vehicle collaborative safety control, to ensure that every driving is at ease.
Big data diagnosis technology, based on the driving data of Shaanxi Auto new energy models, so that driving faults have no place to hide, realize remote rapid diagnosis, so that your vehicle always maintains the best state. System failure protection strategy, intelligent response to communication abnormal and other special circumstances, to ensure the driving process of high pressure stability, safety and carefree.
I believe that many truck friends have been worried about their car problems, especially in the new energy market, electromagnetic compatibility is a major problem, and the new technology carried by the M300OE, pointed out a road for the solution of electromagnetic compatibility.
M300OE The high and low voltage separation technology, through the integrated controller and high and low voltage wiring harness separation scheme, successfully realized the whole car without crossover, perfectly avoid the problems of electromagnetic compatibility in the industry, to create an extremely safe, extremely reliable product. Not only that, M3000E also has an integrated electric drive, which solves the electromagnetic compatibility problem, ensures high power and low power consumption, and achieves a win-win situation, and M30OOE also fully considers for the major truck friends, the specially designed high voltage connector makes maintenance convenient.
Based on the unique chassis three-electric protection technology, the battery and drive motor protection level of this new energy tractor has reached IP68, which fully ensures that the battery and drive motor maintain the best state in the whole process of driving. The electromagnetic compatibility protection level of the chassis has reached CLASS3, becoming the benchmark of the industry. Transmission shift mechanism, after 30 million verification, 150,000 kilometers of shift gear without wear, reliability has been strength certification, greatly improve the safety of truck friends driving.
M3000E Accompany you on the transportation road to go forward, for your every rush to provide a solid security guarantee.

Post time: Apr-01-2024