Master the auxiliary braking technology, driving safety BUFF filling

For the heavy truck drivers, they will encounter many complex working conditions on the transportation road. In order to deal with these situations, card friends will frequently carry out braking operations, which will affect the braking performance, resulting in weakened weakening or even failure, resulting in risks. In order to ensure the safety of driving, the auxiliary braking technology was born. With the help of its “god assist”, we card friends on the road will be more safe. Next, we will go to see these auxiliary braking technology, is how to play their own strength, to give our sufficient card friends transportation road safety confidence!



hydraulic retarder

With the wide use of hydraulic retarder technology in the domestic mainstream commercial vehicle products, more and more card friends began to identify with the ability of fluid retardation. The basic working principle of the hydraulic retarder is to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat energy, and take it away by the engine circulating coolant. It can not only ensure the safety of vehicle driving, but also improve the efficiency of vehicle operation and effectively extend the life of the tire.

Cylinder brake

In-cylinder braking refers to the use of the compression resistance generated by the compression stroke of the engine, which can brake the driving wheel through the internal friction and the inlet and exhaust resistance. The higher the engine speed, the greater the braking power that comes in. It is because of the influence of the engine speed, so the cylinder brake can be a range of speed limit, when an emergency, can let the card friends timely speed down or stop operation, to ensure the safety in the process of driving.

Exhaust brake

exhaust brake,Is to install a butterfly valve on the exhaust pipe of the engine, through the exhaust brake switch, control the butterfly valve. By closing the engine exhaust channel, apply reverse pressure to the engine piston and slow down the engine running speed. It is equivalent to adding additional braking force on the basis of engine braking.

Air-discharging brake

Deflated engine brake, built on the basis of exhaust brake, there are two forms. The passive exhaust valve brake will install a butterfly valve, and the active exhaust valve brake is mainly by extending the piston of the valve room, eliminate the gap between the exhaust valve, so that the compressed air in the entire compression stroke, so as to improve the braking power, to slow down the car.

Compressed release brake

Compression-release engine braking. During the compression stroke, the engine exhaust door will be opened near the upper stop point, and the high pressure gas formed in the compression stroke will be discharged out of the engine cylinder to reduce the pressure in the cylinder and achieve the braking effect.

Post time: Apr-25-2024