Pure blood gold industry chain | Fast hydraulic retarder save money, your high-end first choice!

Fastster has an annual output of 400,000 retarder manufacturing capacity, relying on independent innovation and scientific and technological progress, has fully adapt to the automotive industry electric, intelligent, network, sharing, lightweight development requirements, effectively broke the European and American enterprises industry monopoly, for the majority of users to bring more economical, safer liquid retarder products.


Faster hydraulic retarder small size, light weight, large braking torque, stable braking without impact, no thermal decay, can be a long time high-power continuous braking, with safety, efficiency, economy, worry and other advantages, is currently the standard for commercial vehicles, but also suitable for traction, cargo, self-unloading, special, wide body mining and other heavy, medium and light models. It can not only guarantee driving safety, but also improve operation efficiency and save cost, which is the necessary configuration in trunk logistics transportation.


Faster hydraulic retarder is with constant speed, braking, joint braking, braking indication, EBS coordination, cooling coordination, overtemperature protection and other functions, safety, comfort, reliability is also synonymous with retarder, in the “tangible benefits” and “intangible benefits” under the double blessing, can be a full range of users escort.


Faust hydraulic retarder 4 major advantages
1. Safety: 90% of the service brake can be replaced by a retarder, which greatly reduces the hub temperature, improves the reliability of the main brake, and ensures the safety of the driver’s life.
2. High efficiency: After using the hydraulic retarder, the time of adding water is saved, the driving speed is greatly improved, the operation time is reduced in a single trip, the attendance rate is improved, and the operating income of the driver is guaranteed.
3. Economy: no need to install water, save brake pads and tires, reduce the number of service stations, long-distance transportation to reduce vehicle maintenance costs.
4. Ease of mind: no need to frequently step on the brake to change the gear, improve the driver’s driving concentration, retarder cruise control function to help safe long downhill, greatly reduce the driver’s labor intensity.

For efficient logistics freight transport, in particular, FAster Zhixing keeps the engine speed in the best range through intelligent precise shift strategy, so as to achieve more efficient combustion and lower gas consumption, and at the same time, say goodbye to water and long-term use of the main brake under the liquid slow holding, improving vehicle safety. The gold combination of Fast & Wisdom + Liquid slow truly makes it easier, more saving and safer to help card friends create wealth successfully.

Post time: Feb-23-2024