Shaanxi Auto: Practice the “four new” new materials to lead new breakthroughs

Practice “four new”, “new” the word is to want. In the past year, Shaanxi Automobile has made frequent actions in the research and application of new materials, and has become a new engine to achieve new breakthroughs on the “four new” road.


Metamaterials open up a “new track”

Material lightweight is the main way of lightweight for new energy vehicles. At present, lightweight is mainly based on high strength steel, aluminum alloy and fiber composite materials, and the degree of freedom is low, and it is difficult to balance with collision safety and fatigue durability in the application of lightweight. In order to solve this problem, Dehuang, a subsidiary of Shaanxi Automobile, focuses on the international strategic frontier new technology and carries out metamaterials technology research.

Huang Sen is one of the nearly 300 senior professionals recruited by Dechuang in the future. As the leader of metamaterials research project, he led the team to start through the field of acoustic metamaterials and break the bottleneck of large-scale preparation process. Compared with the original acoustic materials, the size and weight are reduced by more than 30%, and the noise reduction performance is improved by 70%. In 2022, the first modular acoustic metamaterial full-elimination chamber will be launched in China. In 2023, the acoustic noise reduction panel and automotive metamaterials acoustic package will be developed, which has entered the marketing stage.

At the same time, for the lightweight of vehicles, the project team put forward the technical route of metal and fiber composites, and carried out the batch production process development of lightweight origami metamaterials for the first time in China, reducing the weight of body materials and on-board hydrogen storage system by more than 40%. At present, the process development has been completed, and it is expected to achieve market application this year.

The project and related technical achievements have won the first prize of the New Energy Vehicle Industry Start-up Group of the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the second prize of 2022 Shaanxi Innovation Method Competition, the third prize of 2023 Shaanxi Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and obtained 8 metamaterial invention patents.

Traditional materials play out “new tricks”

Under the general trend of lightweight commercial vehicles, axle, as the core component of vehicle bearing, driving and steering, should not only “strong support”, but also “dexterity”.

It has been nearly 40 years since he graduated from university. He has been engaged in the research of axle materials and is a veritable expert in axle materials. In order to cooperate with the vehicle lightweight landing, he led the team to carry out a “research and application of integrated casting bridge shell” from 2021.

The integrated casting bridge shell adopts the integrated design of high strength materials. Compared with the traditional punching and welding bridge shell, the integrated casting bridge shell casts the related parts, effectively reducing the number of the whole bridge parts, reducing the weight of a single bridge by about 75 Kg, and reducing the cost by about 5 million yuan per year. Not only that, the integrated casting bridge shell also greatly improves the processing and assembly efficiency. In 2023, the project won the first prize of the “Three New and Three Small Schools” innovation Competition of Enterprises in Shaanxi Province.

Composite materials help with “new breakthroughs”

Ode Rubber & Plastic is one of the auto parts enterprises of Shaanxi Dexin. In addition to the design and production of automotive rubber and plastic products, the research and application of composite materials have increasingly become one of its important business modules.

In the current field of commercial vehicle market, the automotive lightweight technology is mainly focused on the application of high strength steel, high strength aluminum and other metal materials, and the composites have great potential. Ode looked at this time。

Post time: Apr-16-2024