Shaanxi Auto X6000 appeared the 135th Canton Fair

On April 15, the 135th Canton Fair opened, with an exhibition area of 1.55 million square meters and more than 29,000 enterprises participating in the exhibition, a record number. The first phase of this year’s Canton Fair is”advanced”.The theme is to highlight the support of advanced industries and science and technology, and show the new quality of productivity. In this exhibition, Shaanxi Automobile has two exhibition halls inside and outside.In the outer museum, X6000 and other models also appeared in At the exhibition, it was well received by the majority of exhibitors.



AI-CARE ADAS (advanced driving assistance systems)

Follow the guide, drive with ease

• Lane departure warning: when the vehicle deviates from the lane, a timely reminder is issued

• Forward collision warning: when the vehicle is too close to an object in front, a timely reminder is issued

•ACC: set the speed and distance, reduce driving fatigue and stress

• AEBS: front danger detection, automatic emergency braking

• A series of smart safety features: EBS, ESC, ASR, HAS

AI-CARE ASAS (advanced safety assistance systems)

Knowing the environment, knowing oneself

When its time to take a break

• Careful gaze: the A-pillar smart eye real-time captures driver’s state and timely send reminders

• 24/7 focus: active infrared camera, normal operation at night

Holographic imaging, recognizing the real world

• 360° panoramic view

• 128 Gb storage card with 72 hours of HD video storage

• Adaptive dynamic perspective: smart scene switching perspective to reduce blind spots in the field of view

• Low-light camera: clearer at night


Post time: Apr-19-2024