SHACMAN flexible shift technology, heavy truck king of Tai chi

Heavy truck is the big body in the car, for many card friends, shifting is also a physical work, especially when driving in complex conditions, which significantly increases the work intensity of heavy truck driving. It has always been the goal of SHACMAN to reduce the burden for the carers. How to reduce the shift strength has become an important public relations topic of SHACMAN.


As one of the five proprietary technologies of SHACMAN, flexible shift technology integrates the four core advantages in one, which is more reliable, more comfortable, safer and more flexible, and is an important result of load reduction. In daily driving, it significantly improves the driving experience of card friends.
The flexible shift technology adopts the gas-assisted shift structure, which is arranged on the top cover of the automobile gearbox. The output force is used on the shift shaft of the gearbox top cover. One end of the booster is connected to the intake pipe, and the other end is connected to the shift lever operated by the driver through the connecting rod. When the driver controls the gear shift lever to shift, one end of the pneumatic booster is pulled, the output force is increased proportionally, and the transmission shift shaft is pushed to shift.


Four advantages of flexible shift technology
1. High reliability: the industry’s general flexible shaft shift at low temperature shift force greatly improved, flexible shift high reliability, smooth southeast, northwest, spring, summer, autumn and winter.
2. High comfort: The center of gravity of the shift lever assembly coincides with the shift selection rotation center, which improves the shift feel and neutral return force, re-calibrates the shift performance of the rocker arm end of the gearbox and optimizes the R-slot of the transmission fork shaft in combination with the vehicle shift performance. The shift suction feeling is better, the shift force is reduced by 30%, and the shift performance index reaches the level of sedan, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the driver’s operation. The vehicle shift performance index has reached the industry leading.
3. High safety: Even if the gas supply system fails, it will not affect the normal shift of the transmission, but lose the help function, which can ensure the safety of the vehicle.
4. High followability: the generation and release of the help function are synchronized with the driver’s shift action, there is no time lag, and the response is rapid.

Post time: Mar-18-2024