SHACMAN make money good helper

Master Wang is a truck driver with 10 years of driving experience, often driving fruits and other goods back and forth in Shandong, Xinjiang and Zhejiang. His car is a SHACMAN M6000 truck equipped with Weichai WP7H engine. Master Wang travels through complex road conditions such as plain, hills and mountains. The maximum torque is 1300N·m, even if the road conditions are complex, it can also “walk on the ground” to ensure that the goods are smooth and on time, and the driving is safe and comfortable. Master Wang said, “Complicated road conditions do not worry”


In order to make more money, Master Wang has worked hard since choosing the WP7H engine.He called to find a “save money” new world, tempered combustion system, carefully designed air system, all the way down, the average fuel consumption of 100 kilometers of 16.5L, lower than the competition 1~2L. Help card friends to achieve a perfect “rich closed loop”.

A good horse with a good saddle, a good car with good power, facts have proved that the WP7H engine can withstand market verification.

Post time: Mar-29-2024