SHACMAN X3000 tractor to build low-carbon beautiful port

In the fierce competition in the market, SHACMAN continues to lead, Shanghai port, Shenzhen port, Guangzhou port, Ningbo Port, Qingdao port, Dalian Port and other port areas, SHACMAN sales ranks in the forefront, not only provides a more perfect solution for port transportation, but also becomes a beautiful scenery of the port.
SHACMAN team accurately mining market demand, to create a new generation of port logistics and transportation products, set fuel economy, durability, comfort and safety four core advantages in one, product continuous optimization and innovation, through model segmentation, accurate coverage of the market, continue to improve product value, to provide overall solutions for port transportation.

Economic innovation: Strong fuel economy
1.Four-valve engine + Fast large center distance transmission + Hande single-stage drive axle new matching, higher transmission efficiency, comprehensive fuel consumption reduction of 10-12%;
2.Engine accessories fuel saving optimization + electronic control characteristic data optimization + matching intelligent fuel saving switch; Ensure that the vehicle under various tonnage lower fuel consumption, fuel saving state at a glance

Attendance innovation: durable and reliable
1.Weichai is dedicated to the port special engine, 800,000 kilometers without overhaul;
2.Faust large center distance transmission, unique main box double intermediate shaft structure, Fuxiang adopts fine and high bevel tooth design, the service life is extended 2-3 times;
3.Complete vehicle finite element calculation, CAE analysis, torsion resistance and impact resistance is stronger; Optimized frame, suspension structure, saddle height from the ground up to 1100mm.

Man-machine innovation: comfortable human nature
1.Super wide sleeper, the height of the main seat is reduced by 40mm, with waist support structure, more comfortable driving, and the vehicle ride comfort is increased by 10%;
2.Laterally damped rear suspension reduces cab vibration by 15-20%;
3.The air conditioning system is fully upgraded, the cooling capacity is increased by 10%, and the efficient integrated condenser is matched to provide you with a comfortable driving environment.
4.The X3000 Port tractor uses a luxurious interior to meet the comfort needs of retail and long haul transportation.

Driving innovation: No worries
1.The body adopts high-strength yield tension plate, well-known robot laser seamless welding technology such as German ABB, rigid skeleton buffer structure, better safety;
2.With ABS+ auxiliary braking, excellent Jacobs engine braking system, up to 55% braking efficiency, safeguard the safety of people and vehicles;
3.Optional HD infrared blind area monitoring device, night driving can also see the vehicle around the situation, reversing or turning system automatically switch camera screen, radar detection, can show the distance from obstacles to ensure driving safety

Post time: Mar-15-2024