SHACMAN X6000 flagship version makes its debut fully armed

With the gradual implementation of the national logistics hub strategy, the logistics industry has entered the fast lane of rapid development, and the requirements for vehicles are also higher. High-end high-end heavy trucks with high horsepower have longer single-trip transportation distances, faster vehicle speeds, more comfortable driving experience, and lower operating costs. Better, it has also become an ideal partner for users in the trunk line freight logistics transportation market.
SHACMAN X6000 is fully prepared and fully equipped from the inside out to make its debut.


Multiple sets of LED bulbs are installed on the top of the cab. It is an all-LED design that integrates high and low beams, daytime running lights, turn signals and driving auxiliary lights. It also has a photosensitive control system that will automatically turn on or off according to ambient light, which can solve the problem of card users forgetting to turn on their headlights when entering and exiting tunnels, and reduce risks during driving.
The top air deflector is equipped with a stepless adjustment device as standard, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the height of the rear cargo compartment. And both sides of the vehicle are equipped with side skirts, which not only improves the appearance of the vehicle, but also reduces the wind resistance of the vehicle and improves fuel economy.


Post time: Feb-26-2024