SHACMAN’s got the dump truck up to 620 horsepower and automatic This X5000 dump truck is really high-end

For example, sand and gravel, stone slag, secondary soil and other composite transport dump trucks are mostly on the trip settlement, the more the number of trips, the more naturally earned. In order to achieve higher transport efficiency, large horsepower is essential. SHACMAN has made this X5000 all-in-one dump truck 620 HP!


In terms of the appearance of the dump truck, SHACMAN has really never lost, and the four-positive and four-square hard appearance has a high degree of recognition. The vehicle uses green and black color contrast painting match, piano paint honeycomb grille personalized, like this car is also equipped with integrated electric rearview mirror, top visor and other configurations, the whole car glass with solar film, send luxury and practical one.

High bumpers, drill down beams and radiator bottom guards are standard on the SHACMAN X5000 dump truck. The bumper is specially designed for the working condition of the engineering vehicle, the segmented structure is particularly obvious, the four-point duck-bill tow hook can be installed below the photo, the overall is relatively simple without redundant accessories, the most important thing is that it is made of pure metal material, and the material is second to kill a lot of similar models.

The dump truck is usually double shift at night, and the lighting must keep up when driving at night, so the SHACMAN dump truck is standard equipped with LED headlights, and the low-light lamp is more evenly illuminated under the support of the lens. The headlights have three height adjustable, and the LED is higher than the traditional halogen headlights in terms of brightness or life, and there is no need to go to the extra home lighting in the later period.

SHACMAN X5000 cab is a wide-body design, the space experience is the same as the logistics version of the model, and its four-point suspension shock absorber mechanism, the comfort is moderate to the upper side, normal road driving without excess shaking, the site dirt road filter is good, the washboard road may have to slow down.

The main driver is equipped with an airbag shock seat with height adjustment and damping adjustment, like this car can also choose Grammer’s MSG90.3 airbag shock seat, increase the waist support function, basically can filter out the road when driving bumps, at the site also has a good shock absorption effect.

Like the workbench steering wheel, these are basically the same as our common X5000, but the engineering car does not need the constant speed cruise of the logistics car, so the steering wheel function keys only retain the control keys of the Bluetooth, the car and the function page.

The configuration of the workbench is particularly comprehensive, with the original mobile phone holder, the standard large screen of the car machine, the driver can listen to the song through the large screen during the transportation of the medium and long distance, and the control screen can also detect the lifting status of the cargo box in real time and the four-way image, which is conducive to improving safety. The air conditioning system is also integrated into the large screen, which retains mechanical knobs for adjustment. The rest of the keys are arranged in a keyboard layout, arranged in a line under the large screen, and the battery power switch is also integrated here.

Like this car is a holding gear mechanism, the operation of the exhaust brake on the bad gear lever and the E/P multistate switch, like manual intervention to increase and decrease gear, is also achieved by flicking the lever.

The SHACMAN X5000 integrates the differential lock with the switch of the force extractor, turning left for the force extractor and right for two differential locks. In addition to the force extractor, the ergonomic operation of the lift valve has also been redesigned for easier discharge operation.

There is a parking air conditioner on the roof of the car, usually waiting for the loading of the car when there is no need to start idle to blow the air conditioning, like the season of air conditioning in the north is about 6 months, saving fuel money can save more than 10,000 yuan, if it is the south, the fuel saving effect is more obvious.

SHACMAN should be the first company to get the horsepower of the dump truck to 620. The X5000 engine is also the WP14H model from Weichai. The engine outputs 620 horsepower and has 2750N.m torque. Such a power output is fully sufficient for the dump truck, and under the support of large horsepower, the dump truck heavy starting, slope and speed will be more excellent, users can cope with special situations, daily operations can also improve the effectiveness of the transportation efficiency of large horsepower of sand, stone slag, compared with small horsepower that is immediate.

The dump truck equipped with Weichai has a soul. The WP14H engine equipped with the X5000 was born on a high thermal efficiency platform with a thermal efficiency of 52.28%, and adjusted the throttle MAP, fuel injection, torque output and other data separately according to the working conditions of the engineering vehicle to achieve high transient response and high torque output at low speed. As the whole machine parts have also been improved, the oil pan is standard with high-position steel oil pan, and the durability is improved.

The car is powered by a Faster 13-speed AMT transmission, model S13AOQ. This configuration is very interesting, automatic transmission on the dump truck is not common, if the dump truck in the urban driving frequency is high, it can be a large part of the labor intensity, after all, often open the hands of the dump often grow calluses. If you’re worried about reliability under automatic transmission, the car also offers off-road mode and ramp assist, which fully simulates scientific operation under harsh daily conditions, and protects the gearbox during escape.

Moreover, the transmission adopts a 13-speed structure, which can simultaneously achieve a direct gear with a large headgear ratio and a faster speed, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. With this gearbox, vehicle mobility can also be improved.

The rear axle is a HANDE 16-ton wheel reduction bridge, and the advantages are high ground clearance and strong carrying capacity. This bridge is also widely used in dump trucks.

In terms of rear suspension, the X5000 dump truck also uses some mainstream configuration and new technology, the tires are 12.00R20 steel tires, with 12 leaf springs and 4 riding design. The new heavy-duty maintenance-free balance shaft is used in the rear axle part to reduce the frequency of maintenance, and the vehicle chassis is waterproof treatment, and the reliability is higher.

The fuel tank is made of aluminum alloy with a maximum capacity of 400L. Such capacity can also meet its needs as there are many long haul conditions of compound dump trucks.

Chassis accessories, such as air filter and fuel tank, these are high design, ground clearance is higher than 600mm, that is, 60 cm, more than half a meter, the probability of collision when entering the site is greatly reduced.

The size of the model is 8000x2350x1500 (mm), the bottom 5 sides 3 wear-resistant plates, V-type expansion box structure, the expanded volume can be 1 square of goods.

This 8-meter dump truck, the quantity of square, to carry the load, SHACMAN also controlled its weight to the level of 16 tons, on the household and work are not a problem.

Post time: Mar-28-2024