The X6000 all-in-one Hazardous transporter leads your value-safe journey

Dangerous goods transport, the condition is complicated, the risk is higher
X6000 Integrated 2.0 dangerous transport vehicle
Forward-thinking technology
Easily meet this challenge and secure your transportation
Safety is of Paramount importance on dangerous roads
X6000 Integrated 2.0 dangerous transport vehicle
Meet starting, driving, reversing and parking safety requirements
Adopt a full-cycle safety strategy to effectively reduce the risk of accidents
Ensure driving safety to the greatest extent


Comprehensive security protection
The whole vehicle applies a number of unique technologies such as main linkage braking, main linkage 360 vision, etc. To achieve trailer management in the cab, monitor the status of the trailer, improve transportation efficiency, fear the challenges of dangerous goods transportation, and provide you with excellent technological driving control.


Reduce costs and increase efficiency
The cost of dangerous goods transport can not be underestimated, X6000 integrated 2.0 dangerous transport vehicle integrated resistance optimization, reduce train fuel consumption, annual operating costs can easily save 20,000 yuan, for your transport economic benefits escort.


X6000 integrated 2.0 dangerous transport vehicle
Let you focus on safe, intelligent and efficient hazardous transportation journey
Help you safely enter a new era of hazardous transportation!

Post time: Mar-08-2024