Transport dark horse? SHACMAN X5000S makes Rise and shine

In recent years, models powered by natural gas have received close attention from truck friends. In the selection process of natural gas models, there are too many uncertain factors such as performance, safety and comfort, and truck friends can not easily make decisions. SHACMAN follows the trend vane, launched the SHACMAN X5000S natural gas model, as a full range of iterative products, efficient performance, ultra-low gas consumption is not a word, but its advantages are more than this, here to give the truck friends to talk about the details.

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Energy saving and lightweight, gas saving and money saving

SHACMAN X5000S natural gas products integrate the pure pedigrees of the industrial chain, equipped with exclusive new upgraded Weichai WP13NG and WP15NG series engines, through the complex environment of the whole region verification, all working conditions and all sections of the excellent adaptability, the maximum power exceeded 560 horsepower. In addition, the SHACMAN X5000S applies up to 16 energy-saving technologies, and the gas consumption of the whole vehicle is reduced by 2.4% to 6.81% compared with the competing products. Gas consumption performance is superior, the third generation of multi-channel heat dissipation, fine standard intercooling module, efficient EGR; Matching SHACMAN special AMT transmission, adopts full helical gear, full grinding gear design, strong load capacity, high gear precision, strong meshing ability, transmission efficiency up to 99.8%. Equipped with an integrated automatic shift system, compact, responsive, overspeed gear design uses multiple transportation scenarios. SHACMAN X5000S Low gas consumption, low cost, help card friends efficient transportation, high income!

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large space makes the ultimate experience

First, from its appearance, the SHACMAN X5000S front cover has changed from the X5000′s open-hole cellular grille to a bright black panel closed design, and the sense of technology is stronger. In addition, the design of the orange bumper also enhances the fashion sense of the vehicle and grabs the hearts of young people.

The SHACMAN X5000S foot pedal has a stepped design, which makes it very easy for riders to get on and off the vehicle, and each pedal layer adds a rubber non-slip mat, even in rain and snow. The main driving seat uses an integrated seat belt to better fix the neck part, and has the user-friendly functions such as one-button damping, height and waist support provided by the seat. Even if the card friends are not tired even after driving for 4 hours, the car comfort is greatly improved; Full-dimensional air circulation design, high-precision throttle control unit, precise control of blowing mode, the cooling rate of the car is about 2% faster than that of competing products. SHACMAN X5000S large cab interior space, broaden the field of view, allowing card users to move more freely.

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Intelligent technology application keep safe

The SHACMAN X5000S is equipped with millimeter wave radar and camera, and has intelligent functions such as front collision warning and lane departure warning, which improves driving safety and reduces operating costs. More full life cycle vehicle networking services, the deployment of multi-channel sensors, real-time monitoring, feedback vehicle status and the surrounding environment, including monitoring vehicle driving status (fuel consumption, operating routes, etc.), analysis of driver driving behavior, give the best driving advice, so as to reduce fuel consumption. SHACMAN X5000S new configuration takes into account the advantages of high cost performance, giving the card friends a high match to enjoy!

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Post time: Dec-12-2023