User vehicle operation experience: x5000 has low strong gas consumption

Truck friend user profile:

User name # 1, Pei Jianhui

Model-X5000S 15NG 560 horsepower

AMT LNG, Tractor

Current mileage is-12,695 km

Trial route-Shijiazhuang, Yinchuan

Trial transport distance-3000 km / one-way, cargo type-equipment transport a lawn mower class

Total cargo weight-60T

Comprehensive average gas consumption is-31.45 kg / 100km


Now I mainly travel to Yinchuan, Gansu and Zhangjiakou. This truck is really less gas than other brands of cars. The heavy haul is effortless and dynamic. The main truck is used 15NG 560 horsepower, the route of the national road, high-speed, the road is particularly exciting. There is also the operation is really convenient, do not frequently shift step on clutch, run long distance 4 days are not tired, too comfortable.

After passing the trial, I bought it decisively and recommended it to my card friends who were driving sports cars all the way at that time. Now they all set up a team and choose this truck. Everyone said that this car is really not bad, run easily and save money, really very good!

Post time: May-15-2024