X5000 express gas truck, the economic efficiency is the peak!

X5000 Express gas truck
The economic efficiency is at its peak
SHACMAN X5000 express gas vehicle leads again
With P15NG530 engine to inject new vitality into gas power!
Pride in the field of express transportation
Help you to the peak of your career
SHACMAN X5000 express gas car
In response to the new design of the P15NG530 engine
The vehicle gas consumption will be 1.5kg/100km
Achieve annual savings of up to $12,400
This is not just a technological lead for gas power
It also significantly reduces the cost of gas consumption
It also carries 2x1350L gas cylinders
Endurance exceeded 4000 km
The X5000 express gas vehicle has achieved new leadership in terms of solar terms and endurance
For card friends in the transportation process to bring more profitable possibilities
SHACAMN X5000 express gas car
Is your efficient and economical ideal partner
In the field of gas vehicles
The X5000 P15NG530 offers excellent low gas consumption and long battery life
For your current depressed freight transport business to bring higher economic benefits

Post time: Mar-13-2024