X5000S 15NG Gas car, super silent and large space

Who says that heavy trucks can only be synonymous with “hardcore”?

X5000S 15NG Gas vehicles break the rules,

Custom-developed super-comfort configuration,

Bring you the car like ride enjoyment and home style mobile life!


1. Super silent cab

X5000S 15NG The gas car uses body in white laser welding, cavity barrier technology, integrates active noise reduction and door double sealing process, idle noise is as low as 49.8dB, the ear is still quiet. Let you drive away from the noise, enjoy the peace, stay away from the occupational diseases. Better dust seal performance and cleaner cab.

2. Humanized toolbox

X5000S 15NG The size, location and opening mode of the gas toolbox are carefully designed, completely ergonomic, making it more convenient for you to pick up and put items. The switch position is located next to the car pedal, which can be easily opened with one key.

3. Flat floor and large space

X5000S 15NG Gas car has the industry’s maximum internal height of 2130mm driving space, flat floor design makes the cab space more spacious. AMT pocket control, 1000L large storage space, make your mobile life more convenient and comfortable.

X5000S 15NG Gas car,

Bring you a super-comfortable driving experience

Make your logistics and transportation road more relaxed and comfortable

Post time: May-11-2024