X6000 car model was selected into the “Chinese Gift Shaanxi Gift” annual recommended product list

The first “China Ceremony Shaanxi Ceremony” release ceremony and award ceremony was held in Xi’an. Shaanxi Auto Delong X6000 model was rated as “China gift Shaanxi gift” annual recommended product.

“China Good Gift” is a national cultural and creative IP, and it is an important platform and a shining name card to promote foreign cultural trade. The “China Gift to Shaanxi Gift” solicitation aims to promote the integration of business and travel, help consumption growth, and improve the brand construction of tourism commodities. After the preliminary network collection, primary review and final evaluation, Shaanxi Auto Delong X6000 model stood out from the 565 products collected. In addition, Shaanxi Auto with the E9 model, X3000 muck car model wonderful appearance at the exhibition site, the exquisite appearance of these models, full texture of the paint and delicate interior attracted visitors to take photos and stop.


It is understood that, as a new generation of products of Shaanxi Delong, the appearance of X6000 is very different from the previous products of Shaanxi Delong. The appearance of the vehicle is more delicate, young, the lines are more simple, and the design is more low wind resistance. On November 11,2020, Shaanxi Auto’s new intelligent platform high-end heavy truck X6000 was launched globally, relying on strong performance, stable and reliable power chain, excellent comfort has been recognized by customers, once the listing, it started the first section of oil brand image in the industry.

Post time: Apr-15-2024