X6000 integrated gas express train, leading the new era of express transportation

In the rapidly developing field of express transportation

Driving range becomes an important criterion to measure efficiency

At this moment, SHACMAN X6000 integrated gas express truck

With strong technical strength and forward-looking design,

Become a new benchmark for driving mileage in the industry!


The X6000 has a 4X2 P15NG590 engine

Trailer configuration 45 feet frame +135 square aluminum alloy

CNG main vehicle 8x260L, trailer 6x260L

The driving range exceeds 2000km

Save up to $230,000 a year

The main gap is best, and the wind resistance is reduced by 15%

Compared with conventional CNG trains, the annual gain is 0.75 million yuan

The X6000 LNG main vehicle carries 2x500L

Trailer 4x500L

The range is more than 4000km

The unique design of the trailer square increased by 3 square

An extra $132,000 a year for you

The combination of technological innovation and economic benefits

Make the X6000 the new leader in shipping mileage

Post time: Apr-11-2024