Yuan Hongming carried out exchange and research in Kazakhstan

Shaanxi ——Kazakhstan enterprise cooperation and exchange meeting was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Yuan Hongming, chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group attended the event.During the exchange meeting, Yuan Hongming introduced SHACMAN brand and products, reviewed the development history of SHACMAN in the Central Asia market, and promised to participate more actively in the economic construction of Kazakhstan.

Then, SHACMAN signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a local major customer, and the two sides will work together to promote the development of the local logistics and transportation industry through in-depth cooperation in sales, leasing, after-sales service, and risk control, among other aspects.

After the exchange meeting, Yuan Hongming visited and researched the European truck market in Almaty, gaining an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of European trucks and authentic customer feedback.

Yuan Hongming held a seminar with a local big customer – QAJ Group. Both sides had an in-depth discussion and exchange on the application of snow removal trucks, sanitation trucks and other special-purpose vehicles in specific operation scenarios. Through this seminar, SHACMAN further understood the real needs of the customer and laid a foundation for more in-depth cooperation in the future.

After the Central Asia Summit, SHACMAN has actively laid out the Central Asian market and established an efficient sales and service network. High-end products of 5000 and 6000 platforms are also introduced into the region to enhance local customer experience. With excellent products and reliable services, SHACMAN has won the trust of customers in Kazakhstan.


Post time: May-10-2024