Top models High-horsepower standard X3000 dump truck

● In the field of dump trucks, users tend to prefer the old engineering truck brand Shaanxi Automobile, and X3000 dump trucks are more popular with the public;

● X3000 is the top type of dump truck, which inherits the military quality of Shaanxi Automobile as a rock, and also designs and produces the perfect X3000 dump truck with the advantage of Weichai, Fast, Hande and other parts.

● X3000 dump truck 6X4, 8×4 two cars are the main products of Shaanxi automobile Delong, 6×4 main urban construction waste transport, 8×4 dump truck is generally involved in suburban transport, even intercity transport, such models are widely popular in the coal mine transport market.




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    the use of high-strength plate, so that the vehicle weight of 300KG, large box using high-strength wear-resistant materials, the bottom 6 side 4 design, so that the vehicle weight will be within 16T, the quality of 1550KG.

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    Bearing capacity

    Due to the use of high-strength new materials, the load capacity of the X3000 dump truck is greatly strengthened, and the maximum carrying capacity reaches 70T, which can meet the needs of users for bearing capacity;

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    Hydraulic lifting cylinder

    is the core component of the dump truck unloading system, its main role is to drive the lifting movement of the unloading box. Compared with other traditional lifting systems, the X3000 dump truck hydraulic lifting cylinder has the following advantages:

    High load capacity: the cargo transported by the dump truck is usually a huge weight, and the X3000 dump truck hydraulic lifting cylinder can withstand a large load, ensuring the stability and safety of the unloading process;

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    Adjustable lifting speed

    the hydraulic lifting cylinder can adjust the lifting speed according to needs, so that the unloading process is more flexible and adapt to the needs of different scenarios;

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    Easy operation

    the hydraulic lifting cylinder of the dump truck usually adopts the hydraulic control system, which is simple and convenient to operate, and the driver can easily complete the lifting operation and improve work efficiency;

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    Strong durability

    X3000 dump truck hydraulic lifting cylinder has high durability and service life, can withstand long time, high frequency of work.

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    The only powertrain in the industry that won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress;

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    Golden match

    Weichai WP12.375E50 engine, maximum torque 1900nNM, economic speed range 1000-1400, economic speed range 1000-1400, while competing products speed in 1200-1600, to ensure the power of the engine, greatly improve the engine life;

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    Fast gearbox

    X3000 dump truck matching FAST 12SD180TA flexible shift, shift force increased by 40%, making the shift more portable. The rear axle adopts the Hande 16T casting bridge to ensure the bearing capacity of the vehicle and the perfect speed ratio match of 5.262. The vehicle adopts the front and rear multi-plate spring + four riding bolts design to ensure the power of the vehicle and energy saving in climbing performance.

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    High efficiency

    55 invention patents, transmission efficiency increased by 7%, 100 km fuel saving 3%.

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    Engine braking

    The motor adopts in-cylinder braking, Weichai U cis braking and Cummins JACOB braking. The maximum braking power can reach 275KW, and the braking distance can be shortened by 20% to ensure the braking safety of the vehicle;

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    German M technology

    the cab adopts German M technology, keel frame structure, and is also the cab that has passed the European ECE-R29 crash test, protecting the safety of drivers and passengers;

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    High safety

    the combination of oil-water separator + drying tank to ensure the cleanliness of vehicle gas, improve the purity of vehicle brake gas, to ensure the stability and accuracy of the brake;

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    Through the good performance

    the height of the vehicle off the ground can reach 650mm, higher than the industry average 20-70mm, to ensure the vehicle passability, adapt to a variety of bad road conditions;

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    Ride comfort

    choose this flexible shift gearbox, the shift force will be reduced by 40%, improve the driver and passenger control comfort;

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    Quality luxury

    Howard’s cab, wide berth, intelligent voice, high-end seats…… For the driver and passenger to provide a mobile home, to achieve a quality of enjoyment.

Vehicle Configuration






Enhanced version

Enhanced version

Super version

Total vehicle mass(t)




Loaded speed/Max speed(km/h)







Emission standard

Euro V

Euro II

Euro II/Euro V




Rear axle

16T MAN double 5.262

16T MAN double 4.769







Front axle

MAN 9.5T


Front and rear multi-spring four main plates + four riding bolts

Fuel tank

300L aluminum alloy oil tank



Basic configuration

Four-point hydraulic suspension cab, electric control automatic constant temperature air conditioning, 165Ah maintenance-free battery, etc
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